Dem Rep Swalwell: Trump Is a ‘Cruel, Cold Con Artist’

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) called President Donald Trump a “cruel, cold con artist,” which he said was based on his immigration policies.

Partial transcript as follows:

SWALWELL:  The guy cares about ratings more than anything else. I don’t think it came from his heart.

CAVUTO: You’re not giving the remote benefit of a doubt here —

SWALWELL: He doesn’t deserve benefit. He’s cruelly put these kids in cages —

CAVUTO: I know how you feel about him. I take a fair and balanced view of the man. What you’re saying is this guy is evil and he hates kids and he wants to see them suffer. You are a very smart congressman, an astute politician. There’s no way in hell you can really believe that.

SWALWELL: I do because It came out of his own mouth. He said they were murders and rapists?

CAVUTO: Because he said I hate kids? He referred to them as murders and rapists?

SWALWELL: He called many of them —

CAVUTO: No. I keep track of everything he says. I keep a list of it actually.

SWALWELL: So you think he’s a compassionate, caring person, Neil?

CAVUTO: I don’t think he’s saying they’re all murderers and rapists. I think he’s clumsy with words. I think you are too sometimes. I think I can be. Absolutely. But in order to facilitate a debate and when you’re party and others are categorizing the president this way, by the way he’s not exactly been St. Francis, responding in kind, but we’re never going to get anything done on this issue.

SWALWELL: I think he’s a cruel, cold con artist who only changed the policy because people —

CAVUTO: And you want to negotiate with that man and say he’s a cold, cruel con artist? You called me that, congressman, I tell you I’m not going to negotiate Twinkies with you. That’s what hurts the debate, right?

SWALWELL: Neil, this man is cruelly separated kids from their parents, put them in cages and now wants a medal?

CAVUTO: He doesn’t want a medal and he reversed himself and gave ground on something and I think there’s a lot of common ground here but it can’t be had when both sides are calling each other names. Those are not nice words.

SWALWELL:  If he acted more compassionate I’ll give him more credit.

CAVUTO: He’s the president of the United States. The only one we have for the time being. Using words like that, we’ll never get passed go.

SWALWELL: It’s going to take leaders with compassion and heart.

CAVUTO:  Including yourself, right? Democrats and Republicans.

SWALWELL: That’s right Neil.

CAVUTO: Think the nasty things. Congressman, just curious of the process. Thank you sir.


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