WikiLeaks: Clinton Debate Prep Included Visual Instructions, Explained When to Wave

A recently disclosed debate prep document shows just how tightly scripted Hillary Clinton is.

The campaign set up specific jokes and visual cues for Clinton’s use during a debate with Sen. Bernie Sanders in Flint, Michigan.

In preparations for a healthcare debate with Sanders, the campaign offered a line about “toast” to rhetorically swat the senator’s “half a loaf” talking point.

“[Wave Hands]” the text read, encouraging to tell Sanders that his policies were “toast” if his promises didn’t add up.

The transcript of the debate shows that Sanders did not use his argument, so Clinton did not deploy the response.

Clinton’s answers for 15 different debate points were scripted in detail.

On trade, they included talking points for Clinton, if Sanders accused her of waffling on her support of the Trans-Pacific partnership and the NAFTA trade deal.

[PIVOT AWAY FROM NAFTA!] the instructions read, realizing that it was a minefield for her if either Sanders or the debate moderators brought it up.

She did.

When asked to respond to Sanders after he attacked her on NAFTA, she pivoted to a discussion about his opposition to the auto bailout.

“I voted to save the auto industry,” she said triumphantly.

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