Exclusive: Dems Incite Death Threats Against Limbaugh

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh is being targeted by multiple death threats after President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party ignored his apology for controversial remarks and continued to single him out for rebuke. The assault has become so nakedly partisan and opportunistic that even HBO host Bill Maher--who recently donated $1 million to Obama's Super PAC--has called it a witch hunt with intimidation as its goal.

Maher: Hate to defend #RushLimbaugh but he apologized, liberals looking bad not accepting. Also hate intimidation by sponsor pullout

The death threats to Rush are captured in several screen grabs of his Facebook page. "Execute Rush, now!" states one; "Don't just drop sponsorship someone kill this pig now please!!!!," reads another. These and others are documented below, with images and names obscured, so as to not be guilty of fueling the same targeted hatred the White House and Democrats have now gone to great lengths to stoke.

The mainstream media is also culpable here, as NewsBusters has pointed out in an article titled "Onslaught: ABC Airs Eight Limbaugh Stories in Less Than Five Days."

Harris played two nasty clips, one showing Jon Stewart mocking the conservative host as a "terrible person." Harris excitedly related, "This morning, liberal groups are going all out. They're mounting an aggressive online campaign to get Limbaugh's sponsors to pull their ads. They are hoping this is Rush Limbaugh's Don Imus moment."

Yet, none have yet to point out the evil, uglier, if not dangerous, side of the very same campaign now being driven directly by Obama and his sycophants in progressive New Media, with the help of complicit mainstream outlets.

"I think karma got a death grip on breitbart, I think his passing is inspirational. Hopefully rush will die next," reads another message directed at Limbaugh. Meanwhile, in comments posted at the L.A. Times Facebook wall, still undeleted as this article is written, readers state that it "would be nice to see that fat douche taken down but I'm not holding my breath"; "crossing fingers for a huge heart attack," and so on.

Last week, Rush used the words "slut" and "prostitute" to lampoon a 30-year-old Georgetown law student who told Congress that sexually-active young people were suffering financial harm without a federally-enforced insurance mandate that would compel religious institutions to pay for birth control for students. The student's testimony had been staged to embarrass Republicans who protested such insurance mandates as a violation of First Amendment rights to the free exercise of religion.

In what appears to be overt coordination with the White House, the Democratic Party, and organizations such as Media Matters for America, the left has pressed home what it sees as a sudden political opportunity provided by Rush's provocative reaction--despite his apology. The goal is not to protect women--who are frequently mocked by liberal talk show hosts without protest--but to force Rush, one of the most effective forces in conservative media, off the airwaves.

Carl M. Cannon pointed out the obvious political nature of the ongoing attack in an article at Real Clear Politics, noting the election-year tactics being used by the left:

Limbaugh's Attack a Gift to Democrats & Obama

...Barack Obama, using the shillelagh handed to him by the talk radio king, telephoned the self-same law student to commiserate with her over Limbaugh’s crudeness. ... [L]iberals, led by two California Democratic congresswomen, launched a counter-assault on him that included not only censuring Limbaugh but calling on advertisers to boycott his show.

The hate continues, purely to score political points and gain an advantage in November:

Oh yeah, Rush. If I ever see you out somewhere (which I probably won't since I hang out in places where non-whites are allowed), I'm going to punch you in the throat.

Obama chose to re-insert himself into the controversy on Tuesday, days after the original incident and apology, only to add fuel to an already ugly fire of persecution. For his part, Obama won't even speak to offensive comments from his own party chair, while gladly ginning up more hatred toward Rush:

First, Obama was asked about Rush Limbaugh’s degrading comments about Georgetown Law student and liberal activist Sandra Fluke. Obama talked at some length about why Limbaugh’s remarks were wrong. But when he was asked if he agreed with his hand-picked DNC chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s comments that opponents of the mandate are waging a “war on women,” Obama declined to comment.

Right on cue, the media picked up on Obama's Limbaugh remarks.

 Obama hits back at Limbaugh by invoking daughters

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama invoked his young daughters on Tuesday to hit back at Rush Limbaugh over the conservative talk show host's incendiary comments about a birth control activist.
Here is another example of the type of vicious threats Barack Obama is personally fueling against a man who has apologized for whatever he said: "I want you [sic] blood ... coming to Florida - gonna pay you a visit my friend you love to pick on people get ready fatso."

"I hope someone murders rush and I hope it hurts," wrote another individual.

Democrat-aligned organizations such as Media Matters and Think Progress are now clearly following Obama's example to keep the hate alive. The resulting comments may be coordinated with campaigns to intimidate other advertisers and even other media outlets. It is a campaign of intimidation meant to change the subject, silence a critic, and prevent many Americans from having the freedom to listen to their political opinions of choice on radio stations across the country.

Below are several additional screen caps to document the hate and threats now being directed at Limbaugh by Obama's storm troopers on Rush's Facebook page and at sites, media and otherwise, all across the Internet, too numerous to mention.





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