Vermont Wants to Investigate O'Keefe, Not Voter Fraud

Vermont Secretary of State James Condos is threatening videographer James O'Keefe with criminal investigation for his Project Veritas exposé of voter fraud in the state. 

Ironically, Condos would have made it far easier to commit the very fraud that O'Keefe's investigation has suggested may be possible at the polls. 

As a state senator, Condos pushed for same-day registration voting. "We are all concerned about maximizing the number of voters with an election that has integrity," Condos told The Burlington Free Press on February 14, 2005. "There is a lot of trust in our system," Condos told The Free Press on April 7, 2005, when a bill for same-day registration cleared the Senate Government Operations Committee. Condos has also long downplayed the threats to the integrity of the voting system. "We don't have people dip their fingers in an ink bottle [to make sure they don't vote in multiple places]," he has said.

But today, when O'Keefe has tried to strengthen the very integrity and trust of that system by urging it to address potential fraud, Condos has reacted with partisan alarm. And, in an ironic twist, Condos actually ran for office on a platform of transparency in government affairs.

"Same day voter registration is a major incentive to commit fraud. It allows you to register and vote on election day," explains journalist John Fund, author of Stealing Elections: How Voter Fraud Threatens Our Democracy, which is something of a Bible for election fraud analysts. "Once your ballot is put in with all the others, detecting the fraud is almost impossible. In Vermont, the possibilities of voter fraud are so real that it almost sends the invitations in the mail."

Condos is threatening O'Keefe for doing his job. "My next phone call is to [Attorney General] Bill Sorrell's office," Condos told the Burlington Free Press after learning about O'Keefe's video. 

Still, in the event that O'Keefe were to be arrested, prosecuted, and jailed in Vermont, he need not worry about casting a ballot to replace Condos. In Vermont and Maine, you can even vote from a jail cell.


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