Chicago Teachers Union + G-8 Summit = Mayhem

From its full embrace of the Occupy Chicago protests to its cozy relationship with Action Now (the reincarnated ACORN), the Chicago Teachers Union has established itself as one of the nation’s most radical unions. 


Now, the CTU is joining forces with other radical groups to protest the simultaneous NATO meeting and G-8 economic summit, scheduled for May in Chicago. 

This coalition of malcontents and radicals also includes the U.S. Palestinian Community Network, the Committee Against Political Repression, Campaign to End the Death Penalty, Committee to Stop FBI Repression and the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign. 

G-8 protests typically get violent, so it won’t be surprising if CTU’s radical coalition resorts to ugly behavior as well. 

That’s why one company, Midwest Solar Control Corp., is urging local businesses to install “window blast film” and “anti-graffiti film” to their buildings before the G-8 summit begins. 

“The fact that some G-8 summits have seen some confrontation is indicative that confrontation is likely this year," the company said in a press release. “Rahm Emanuel, the city’s mayor, has put restrictions on all public activities during the NATO and 2012 Chicago G-8 Summit, including morning gatherings and amplified sound. He has also put restrictions on parades. It therefore follows that confrontation is imminent since protesters are not backing down.” 

The message is clear – a bunch of irresponsible radicals with no respect for private property are about to loot our town, so protect yourselves while you can. 

And by the way, those irresponsible radicals may very well include some of the people who teach your children every day. We have to wonder how Chicago parents feel about their childrens’ teachers planning to participate in a violent demonstration that could threaten private property. 

Parents and taxpayers probably wish the CTU would be half as upset about the deplorable state of some of Chicago’s failing schools as it is about international politics. Then again, it’s well-documented the CTU is far more concerned with agitation than education. 

Chicago residents better get their “window blast film” before it’s gone.


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