Obama Campaign: Women Are Helpless

Today, the Obama campaign launched it's Dads Are Unnecessary, Single Women Are Helpless campaign, simply titled "Julia." It features a faceless composite, which seems to be the type of woman with which the Obama campaign is most comfortable. 

Under the Obama administration, federal financial support for elective infant death as a form of birth control is increased, meaning that Julia would never have been born. The end. 

It wouldn't be any fun to end the article right there, so we'll just say that under President Obama, Julia's parents are apparently nonexistent and the government enrolls her in a proven failed program. She needs to figure something out because she is born with a $16k share of our national debt

For some reason, Barack Obama is starting his third term as President. 

The idea of working hard in school to qualify for college scholarships escapes Julia; the government is needed to get her through college and cover the astronomically high prices. Apparently, the Obama administration lacks the confidence in women to apply themselves and achieve academic success without their helping hand. That's OK, women are losing confidence in Obama, too

Julia will graduate with record-high debt under President Obama, who is still president. 

What "surgery" did College Julia undergo? Perhaps a cancerous baby that had to be removed. Under the Obama administration, self-respect and personal responsibility are unnecessary when the federal government saps resources from the private sector to clean up your messes. Julia can be a professional student and study web design for a frillion years so she can build flash-heavy websites. 

Julia is unable to get a job, apparently, so we must redefine the term "child" as a period lasting until one's mid-twenties. It's offensive that the Obama administration thinks women are unable to work and get a college education simultaneously. 

WTF? Barack Obama is still president. 

Julia starts her "career as a web designer." With five-figures of college debt. 

I don't know who would elect to go into that amount of debt over a skill that many people learn practically and can learn anywhere. Why going to community colleges or a trade school is so reviled by leftists is a mystery. It's the White T-Shirt analogy: some people are fine with getting a white, v-neck T at Target for $12; some have to go to Urban Outfitters or J Crew to get the exact same v-neck t-shirt because of the label. It's not a better shirt, the V isn't any deeper, it's all about image

Annnd Obama is still president. And still fibbing on Romney's Ledbetter stance (sexist legislation, but I digress.)

Under the Obama administration, only one in two college graduates can get a job, and there doesn't look to be relief any time soon. The President is keeping interest rates low on loans by sticking job creators with the bill

Julia made the choice to enjoy frozen interest rates and thus chose to limit her employment opportunities, because potential employers had to use their capital to pay off her loans, as opposed to hiring her. That's how choice works, it's how cause and effect works. Choices have consequences. 

Barack Obama is apparently dictator of the United States, as he's been president since 27-year-old Julia was three years-old.

Under the Obama administration, insurance premiums are increased across the board for every, since Julia suffers from some unknown medical condition which prevents her from walking to Target, Costco, or a non-Planned Parenthood clinic to get birth control for as low as $9 per month. 

Julia likely protested for increased government regulation and control via Obamacare, which means that if the government wants to mandate ultrasounds prior to getting an abortion, they can, to determine cost-effectiveness. 

Julia decides to have a child. She doesn't need a father or husband because she has the Obama government! Fathers are unimportant in both the choice for procreation and the raising of children. Under Obamacare, Julia will have less access due to rationing and higher costs

Also, apparently, Joe Biden was right and Mitt Romney was a senator without anyone knowing, thus the "Romney/Ryan" budget. 

Obamacare's structure requires men working alongside Julia pay higher premiums regardless of whether or not their anatomical structure allows them to conceive and bear children by choice themselves. Individuals are not allowed to opt out, like congress. Men who had no decision in Julia's personal choice are responsible for shouldering the financial responsibility for that choice by paying more so she can pay less. That's not sexist at all.

Obama is still president and now Julia's son Zachary is starting school? Where is Zachary's dad? 

The government is his daddy. 

Unfortunately for Julia, the phantom tax cut from the Obama admin has been eaten up by the higher taxes she must pay in order to keep the rates on student interest loans frozen at an artificial level. Because small business owners like herself are targeted by the administration (and Dodd-Frank impedes business growth), Julia is unable to spare any more capital to pay higher wages, create more jobs, or buy the necessities her business needs to grow. The President later lectures her and other job creators during the State of the Union address about how selfish they are to refuse to create jobs. 

She must keep going, because her son Zachary, even though an able-bodied adult, is only 25 years-old, just a baby by Obama standards, thus still on Julia's insurance. 

Julie tries to enroll in Medicare, but unfortunately President Obama didn't heed the warnings all those years ago that Medicare was broke. Her savings were depleted in last ditch efforts to save her business after excessive taxation ate up profits. Any remaining funds must be used to supplement where Medicare cannot pay. 

Barack Obama is apparently immortal and ALSO still president. Even if his first year of presidency began when Julia was three years-old, this would make him 114-years-old at this time.

Julia would love to retire and collect social security, but sadly, when retirees went to collect their benefits and opened up their trusty lockboxes, all they found were IOUs

Julia would love to volunteer at the community garden, but cannot afford to and thus, in her twilight years, must juggle two jobs -- one as a concession worker at the local movie theater and another as a greeter at Walmart. She's lucky to find any help at all, considering how women have been steadily losing jobs under Barack Obama for years

Her son, Zachary, is of no help: he was taught that he didn't really have to work for anything all his life, because President Obama and his wonderful government would be there to care for him every step of the way. So now when Julia needs help, Zachary is unable, as he still requires help himself. 

As a woman, the idea that I can't accomplish anything in life unless a male in government plans it out for me is offensive. It's amazing to me how progressives reject the oversight of the divine and the gift of free will but embrace the oppressive oversight of flawed men who reject free will. Men, too, should be offended at their lack of representation in the life of "Julia" -- the white, faceless female stereotype that the Obama administration sees as the average female voter. 


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