Liberal Radio Host Claims Barrett Campaign Cancelled 'Unity Rally'

Yesterday, I reported that the Wisconsin Democrat Party had scrapped plans for a major 'unity rally' after today's primary. Leftist and union activists, particularly DailyKos were apoplectic about the decision. In between heart palpitations, a Kos blogger speculated that Tom Barrett, the leading candidate in today's Democrat primary was behind the cancellation:

The rumor being spread is that Tom Barrett does not want to be seen in the company of union leaders and union members for fear of having images of his participation in the rally being used against him by the Walker campaign.

Today, Madison radio talk show host John "Sly" Sylvester added more detail to those rumors in an interview with Party Chair Mike Tate:

Sly: Mike, here’s what the Barrett campaign told AFSCME leaders behind the scenes. That, they didn’t like the optics. They worried there wouldn’t be a big enough crowd. That they didn’t want to deal with potential protesters. That they didn’t want the signs. That’s what the Barrett campaign is saying behind the scenes to Labor. And that’s the truth. Tate: Well, I know actually nothing about that. I’m the one who called labor leaders to tell them. It was my decision not to have this rally. You know, I don’t know where you’re getting your information Sly. You’re the only one out there– Sly: You’re right. I’m the only one willing to say it publicly Mike!

Not a big enough crowd? Worried about signs? I guess the Barrett campaign realizes that astro-turfed temper tantrums aren't particularly appealing to regular voters. 

So, as the Walker recall effort begins in earnets, Democrats and the unions are coming out of the gate pointing fingers and assigning blame over the demise of a 'unity rally'. I'd say all is right with the world.  



Madison Radio Host, Big Labor Allege Barrett Nixed Unity Rally


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