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New Hampshire Voting AP

New Hampshire’s Many Late-Deciders Shift GOP Rankings in Final Hours

On Wednesday, the New Hampshire primary will join the Iowa caucus in the history books and the Presidential nominating contest will take another dramatic turn. According to all recent polling, Donald Trump enjoys a bid lead in the Republican race, with 4-5 other candidates battling for place and show.

SALEM, NH - FEBRUARY 17: Republican Presidential candidate Jeb Bush holds a town hall at Woodbury School February 7,  2016 in Salem, New Hampshire. Candidates are in a last push for votes ahead of the first in the nation primary on February 9. (Photo by *** Local Caption *** Jeb Bush

Poll: Jeb Bush Drops to Fifth in Home State of Florida

A new poll from Florida Southern College captures the fading hopes of Jeb Bush’s presidential campaign. The former two-term Governor has dropped to fifth place in the Sunshine State, barely registering with just 4 percent support.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump steps on stage to speak during a campaign event at Plymouth State University Sunday, Feb. 7, 2016, in Plymouth, N.H

NH Poll: Trump +16, Kasich in 2nd, Jeb Bush Surging

The latest Monmouth University poll of New Hampshire shows Donald Trump continuing to lead the GOP field by a double-digit margin. All the pundit talk about Marco Rubio having momentum going into Tuesday’s vote looks hollow against this poll.

Sanders and Trump AP

Saturday Polls: Trump, Sanders Hold Steady Leads in New Hampshire

Two new tracking polls in New Hampshire show steady races in both the Republican and Democrat contests ahead of Tuesday’s primary vote. Donald Trump maintains strong 17 and 21 point leads in two surveys. Socialist Bernie Sanders leads Hillary Clinton by 12 and 14 points.

Rubio and Trump AP

Caution: New Hampshire Polls Show Tightening Race, or Not

A bevy of new polls were released Thursday and Friday, ahead of the final weekend before New Hampshire votes on Tuesday. The common denominator is that the race in New Hampshire is tightening. It isn’t really clear whether this is a normal tightening that happens ahead of actual voting or a real shift in momentum.

MILFORD, NH - FEBRUARY 02:  Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks to an overflow crowd during a campaign event at Hampshire Hills Athletic Club on February 2, 2016 in Milford, Iowa.

Poll: National GOP Race a 3-Way Tie, Donald Trump Drops

A new national survey from Public Policy Polling finds GOP frontrunner Donald Trump shedding 9-points since early January. The race for the Republican nomination is now essentially a 3-way tie between Trump and Sens. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. at a town hall meeting in Laconia, N.H., Wednesday Feb. 3, 2016.

NH Poll: Trump Slipping, Rubio Rising

The latest tracking poll of New Hampshire finds Donald Trump dropping slightly, losing 2 points through Wednesday. Marco Rubio has moved into second place, gaining three points as Trump and Cruz extend their battle from Iowa.


Goldman Donations Shift to Marco Rubio as Jeb Bush Fades

The change in Rubio’s fortunes happened before his surprise finish in the Iowa caucus on Monday. The shift in donations from Bush to Rubio was a reflection of the potential of each campaign. Now that Rubio has overperformed in Iowa and finished a strong third, the flow of donations to the Florida Senator will likely turn into a tidal wave.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

How Cruz Beat Expert Predictions and Outran Trump

When the votes were finally counted, the Iowa caucus wasn’t that close at all. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz cruised to a 4-point win over national frontrunner Donald Trump and bested late-rising Sen. Marco Rubio by 6 points.

Democratic presidential candidate former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks to supporters as Former U.S. president Bill Clinton and daughter Chelsea Clinton look on during her caucus night event in the Olmsted Center at Drake University on February 1, 2016 in Des Moines, Iowa. Clinton is competing with Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in the Iowa Democratic caucus. (Photo by )

Iowa Democrat Turnout Dropped 25 Percent From 2008

As Hillary Clinton limps out of Iowa having managed to avoid a loss, the Democrat party establishment may exhale that it dodged an upset bid from socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders. The Republican turnout was around 180,000, the highest turnout in its history. It is also the first time more Republicans turned out when both races were contested.

Jeb! Spencer Green AP

Jeb Bush Money Juggernaut Blows an Axle

Jeb Bush, the one-time presumptive Republican nominee, is facing a very real money crunch. His campaign raised only $7 million in the last three months of last year. Fundraising for his once mammouth Right to Rise super PAC has also dried up.

Rubio Hesitates Steve Pope Getty

Marco Rubio’s Iowa Supporters Not Sold on Him

The final Des Moines Register poll on the Iowa Caucus confirms a two-person race between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. While Marco Rubio comes in a distant third, his support is far weaker than either of the two frontrunners. Almost half his supporters say they may still change their mind before the caucus on Monday.