Second Election Reports from Citizen Journalists, As Polls Open

The following reports were received via the Breitbart News ELECTION TIP LINE ( as of 8:30 a.m. EST, Election Day, November 6. 

PHILADELPHIA ALERT: Reports of Voter Fraud, and Intimidation (Again) by the New Black Panther Party


Recently moved to Arizona and had a good experience requesting an absentee ballot while I am currently visiting my former home in the central valley of California.  The Pima County elections office in Tucson was worried about mail service to out of state voters and mailed a second ballot just in case the first did not arrive. I was thrilled to recieve my ballot  mailed on October 11th. The second ballot arrived a week after the first one came with clear instructions that stated that only one vote would be counted and to discard the extra ballot if not needed. 

U.S. Armed Forces

From a Navy Seabee on deployment in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Group of sailors gathered around the hood of a humvee to talk shop--of the 8 gathered 5 had submitted absentee ballots for Romney, 1 for Obama and 2
didn't vote but were hopeful Romney would win.

And that's the rub from GTMO. as I see it at least.


1. I live in San Diego, which is pretty much the only slightly-conservative large city in the state.  NO Obama signs. Zero. I haven't seen one ANYWHERE -- not in my neighborhood, not on the road.  Two or three bumper stickers, max.  One local Romney sign, and one bumper sticker, which I thought was so brave!  You never know who you're going to park by or how rabid he or she might be.

I lived in the North Suburbs of Chicago in 2008 and those Obama yard signs were everywhere.  If you judged by signs and stickers, you'd hardly know an election was happening here today.

2. In the central valley of California, Obama signs and bumper stickers are not being posted! I have only seen one Obama bumper sticker in the 6 weeks that I have been visiting my former home. In 2008 many people in the valley were happy to signal their support for Obama via yard signs, bumper sticker and even T-shirts

3. Nevada County, California. 

I'm in the customer service business, and I wear my politics on my sleeve. Discussion is open in my store. There have been a few who have ventured in and told me I'm on the wrong side of history. But the predominant discussion from my customers is twofold: pray to God that Obama's term is over; and can't wait until this election is over with already. 

Though some crackpots actually believe that the election doesn't matter...


1. Titusville, FL

The polling location on Sisson Road is very quiet. That said, as of 6 am there were 17 people in front of me waiting in line. 

People politely spoke about early results from a small town up north and discussed Hurricane Sandy (as hurricanes are always a popular topic in the sunshine state). 

There was no politicking and everybody was quite cordial.

Parking lot full and cars lined around the block as the polls open and people lining up perhaps 50 yards deep by 7 a.m. 

A little bit more discussion about party affiliation, but not annoyingly so.

2. Jacksonville, FL

The polls don't open for another 10 minutes and its pouring rain but the line at my polling location is approximately 50 people long.  

The guy in line behind me said he voted here at the same time in 2008 and he walked right in with no wait.  

Tough to tell if the crowd leans one way or another but the excitement has been on the GOP side for the past couple weeks.

3. Jupiter, FL

Poll opened on time at Precinct 1058, Jupiter. At least 250 people waiting on line were all let in at once. No guidance for voters as to where to go to show ID. 2 precincts in 1 room at church. Letters indicating where you should go by last name not visible, line chaos. 

Not enough poll workers to have someone watching scanner to ensure ballots are properly read. Only one of 2 scanners working.

I've already called Romney HQ in Tampa, they're sending someone to look into it. The # for Romney HQ in Florida is 813-280-5641.


Arrived at polling place, Cheatham Hill Elementary in Cobb County, GA

Orderly and quiet, but this already looks to be a very long line. Every parking space at the school is filled.

Poll officials handing out sample ballots. They are asking that people not mark the sample ballots as they wish to use them later today and they "expect a high turnout." Official also reminding voters that they must have a photo ID to vote.

One policeman in line ahead of me in uniform including his sidearm. 

Finished voting at 7:45 am to give you a feel for how long the lines were.


Cook County - voting on pool tables.


1. I live in Fishers, Indiana. 

I went to the polls this morning about 20 minutes before they opened and there were already 20 people in line. By the time the doors opened there were well over 100 people and more arriving.

One poll worker said that he had never seen this many voters at the opening of the poll before.  It took us about 5 minutes to get to vote and when we left, the line was close to 200 people.

2. Ogden Dunes, IN 

Line to the door at 6AM - people were in a hurry to catch the train to Chicago.  

One woman asked questions about how to vote straight ticket. She pointed at the Republican spot and said "if I check this box - I won't need to fill in the entire ballot?"   

She had previously mentioned that she was out of work as her company had downsized.


Letcher County Kentucky. 5th Congressional District. (Coal country).

Was first one in line at 5:40 this morning. Polls Opened at 6. 

Five people in line when opened. People are talking about EPA'S "War on Coal." Normally Democratic district and county. People are motivated for Romney. 

Kentucky will likely be all Romney. 


1. Dearborn, Michigan

In 2008 there were obama signs everywhere, especially in the Arab parts of the city.

Four years later Dearborn is plastered with Romney-Ryan signs and hardly any obama signs in the Arab districts.

2. Adrian, Michigan

People are already lined up before the opening at 7 a.m.  At least sixty people in line, which is extremely unusual for our area, (in these numbers for 7 a.m.)

Nothing else odd going on, just way more people already showed up that usual, and these people are not generally Democratic :)

May constitutional America prevail after today.


My wife and I got to the polls at 6:40, we were voter  #s 103 and 104, line was still out the door to the parking lot (longer than when we got there) when we left. Upbeat friendly group in a solidly (70%+ GOP) precinct.

Lots of talk about churches encouraging or in one case the parish priest not really saying anything but telling folks to read the Bishop's letter in the bulletin. 

A lot of folks were talking about it being like Chick-Fil-A day!

Walk with God, plow the field, He will bring the rain.

New Jersey

1. Middlesex County, Central NJ 

Romney signs everywhere I go, which is weird since the place was covered with the Obama caul only 4 years ago. I did see 2 signs one was the current  "Forward" OFA sign in Jamesburg...and one in Hightstown was a 2008 "Change we can believe in" sign next to a home's "for sale" sign. I am unsure if it was irony, sarcasm or campaigning on the cheap.

2. Lawrence Township, NJ Mercer County

A great day for America!  Let's hope Romney/Ryan are victorious.

I voted early this morning with my wife. We had our ID's out to show, person behind the table said she was not allowed to look at ID, still proudly showed it to her disdain.

New York

1. WOW! I showed up at NYC's Poll Worker stand-by station for poll workers on West 33rd Street. About 500 to 700 poll workers are in line to the next street, then wrapped along the full length of the block to 32nd Street, and halfway down 32nd towards 10th Avenue.

It seems an entire city of poll workers have not received their poll location assignments. A lady just told us we will be given our locations when we reach the front of the line.

The polls are already open! Will there be workers to open Manhattan's voting stations?

7:30AM update: Hundreds of us finally made it inside the NYC Board of Elections stand-by station, after working our way up 31st Street to 10th Avenue, up two blocks to 33rd Street, then up to the entrance at 450 W. 33rd Street. At the door, we were ushered up an elevator to the 8th floor. We were once again shocked to find another line down a hallway the length of a full city block or more. Hundreds of poll workers are still online and filling in sign-in sheets. 

Once we reach the head of the line, we will be assigned to a voting location and chauffeured there in groups of 4 or 5 in private black cars waiting on 10th Avenue.

8:00 AM update: It seems that the hurricane and lack of power downtown has, in fact, crippled the NYC Board of Elections' ability to run their Varick Street office last week and assign workers to poll stations in a timely manner for Election Day 2012.

We hall-waiters just made it up to the front of the block-long line, only to find--once again to our shock--a warehouse of the hundreds ahead of us in line, seated in chairs, row upon row, waiting to hear their names

Will we finally be sent to work? Were Manhattan's polling sites properly

staffed when the opened at 6 AM? We'll know soon enough.

2. Coney Island

My Mom and I have just voted. I am not sure if our votes are going to be counted.  

We were moved to vote at the Lincoln HS on Ocean Parkway as a result of all the damage Sandy caused in our area.  When we got there at 6:30 am, they couldn't find which table to send to send us to. They were footballing us from one person to another for 10-15 minutes.  

Then they told us to vote by affidavit.  For the next 20 minutes they did not know what ballots to give us. 

When we filled everything out, they told us to give our affidavits to any table from the ED 46.  

A person sitting at the head of one such table refused to take our affidavits and told us to leave them with the inspector/observer. 

Nobody asked for our IDs....They were going to send votes by affidavits through the voting machines anyway. 

The onsite supervisor practically yelled at me when I expressed my concern that they didn't even ask us for our IDs.

I am now not even sure if I voted for the proper local candidates...

I will not be surprised if certain candidates receive more than 100% of votes!

3. After entering my polling place here in Brooklyn, I was immediately told after they had trouble finding me in their books, "don't worry....anyone can vote here." I voted, then inquired about that statement. 

Apparently, by order of our czar governor Andrew Cuomo, anyone affected by hurricane Sandy can vote anywhere just as long as they sign and affidavit. Thing is, no proof of address is necessary. No proof of being affected by the hurricane is needed. And nothing stops the person from going back into their own district and voting twice. 

For that matter, why not just go from voting station to voting station and vote hundreds of times? The only thing he did do right in all of this was declare these votes would not be counted for local election results. you really think they're going to check?

North Carolina

1. Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Polls open at 6:30a and I arrived at 6:15. 50 people ahead of me and another 30 behind by the time polls opened. 

Everyone was calm and friendly and enthusiastic to vote. They took the time to explain that voting straight party does NOT include President, Vice President, or judges.

2. Cabarrus County, NC

At the poll where I am working the parking lot is overflowing and people are having to circle around to find a place to park. 

I passed another poll on the way here and it was the same.

3. I just voted at around 7:00am ET and when I did..I cast my vote for Mitt Romney but Obama's name got the Check Mark (touch screen machine)! I was LIVID! So I called over a volunteer to show them. I clicked on Romney again and NO Check Mark appeared.  So I clicked Romney AGAIN and PRESTO CHANGE-O..Obama's name got Check Marked AGAIN right in front of the volunteers' eyes! So the lady called over a 2nd worker..she clicked on Mitt Romney AGAIN and this time it went to Romney! I was FURIOUS! I took a picture of the screen but that does nothing but show a vote for Obama, not any real proof. 

I made it my business to protest LOUDLY so those in line could hear that there was one of those funky machines in our Precinct. On my way out I encouraged folks in line to DOUBLE CHECK their votes to make sure they went the way they wanted them to.

When I got outside I looked for a GOP representative and found one.  He got on the phone with Al Bouldain, our Guilford County Chairman, so I could tell him what happened. He said he was immediately calling the Romney Attorneys and the NC State Elections Commission. I gave him my contact information just in case I need to go back out to the Precinct to show them the exact machine. 

I'm thankful that it happened to me because I AM informed and knew what to do to draw attention to the issue.


1. I voted this morning at my precinct located in Cincinnati (Hamilton County), OH.  Interesting turnout -- 4 years ago, I waited in a long line, with a very volatile crowd of predominantly African American voters, a few of whom made some rather threatening remarks to me and a few other white voters in line.  

This year was completely different.  I arrived at 6:30 AM when the polls open to a short line of voters, very calm--no nastiness.  I was voter #9 in the line--I believe 4 years ago I was voter #38.  So, as you can see, turnout, at least to start, at my polling location, was about 1/4 of what it was 4 years ago.  
Just a quick report to start the day, but based on what I saw this morning, I would say President Obama is in trouble. The light turnout in my precinct is not a good indicator.

2. I live in Cuyahoga County in an outer suburb of Cleveland. I've never seen the polls so crowded and this was 5 minutes after the polls opened this morning!


1. Philadelphia Fraud Alert (see top).

2. +36 before doors opened, usually only get that by afternoon. 

Very, very few Obama signs in area but many Romney in this SouthWestern PA location.

3. I was in line at 7:00. I live right outside Philly. There were about 15 people ahead of me the first person in line pulled out his ID and the women running the polling site announced we don't need that until it's a law, I'm not doing it. 

Every person in line reached in their pockets pulled out their ID's and laid them on the table while registering. So proud to be an American! The silent majority will be heard today!!!

4. Oaks, PA

I have been here since 2000 and have mover seen lines this long. Outside the building and done the block. No place to park. I left and will be back at 10 a.m. Eastern.

5. Just came back from the polling place in Willistown Township, PA 19355. 

Got there at 7:00 a.m., was #48 in line to vote. Car load of 4 in front of me. One of the women was explaining to the other how to vote...Republican! She said they could mark every circle for individual Republicans or just the top straight Republican circle. This is quite different from four years ago when it was carloads of Obama voters that I witnessed. And this tells me these were 2 women who had not voted before, both over 40 years old. They were accompanied by 2 men also voting Republican. Good news.

South Carolina

1. 5:45 AM. Polling place Anderson County, SC. 

Raining and cold. This is a Republican strong hold. 

Line is already incredibly long. Several hundred. 

Voter intensity for R part is evident.

2. Polling place PACKED.  Much enthusiasm here!!  REAL change has begun!!  God bless the USA.


1. I live in Virginia Beach, Virginia. 23464. The polls opened at 6. 

I got here on the dot and there were at least 250 people in line. We're all out here bundled up. Steady stream of 250 in line at any given time. 

News crew is here. Flying overhead and on the ground. Parking is a gridlock.

2. Virginia Beach, VA

I was almost too excited to even sleep last night, so I had little trouble getting to the polling place this morning at 6 when it opened. I drove up to an almost already full parking lot and at least a hundred people already in line. 

Many signs on cars here not only supporting Romney but downright against Obama. Praying for victory here in Virginia!!!

3. Manassas City, VA

Polls opened at 6:00 am to a huge line; unlike I have seen since 1980 and 1984. 

It took 35 minutes to reach the voting machine which worked. Did not any complaints from those who were voting.

Once I voted, I saw that the line was just as long as it was when I arrived.

4. I just returned from my local polling place in Williamsburg, VA where I cast my vote. I chose a path to the door that kept me close to the building to stay away from the poll workers.  

An older man approached me coming very close to the line and offered me a ballot sample for voting democrat.  I said no thanks.  I am not voting that way.  

He continued to follow me long enough to ask me how I as a woman could not vote for Obama.  I'm pretty sure he crossed the 40 feet from the building line, and I'm absolutely sure he was harassing me.

5. Lynchburg, VA

My wife and I voted today at the Tree of Life Ministries Church on Greenview Drive in Lynchburg. The enviroment was very enthusiastic and friendly, we both checked into line just after 7am with our 1 year old son and there were between 20-30 in line ahead of us and the line stayed at 20-30 people while we were waiting for our turns to vote. 

Didn't see or hear anything going wrong, was really great to see so many people up early to vote before they went to work.

6. My niece just went to vote at Wave Church in Virginia Beach, VA. 

She has been registered for eight years. She waited 1 1/2 hours, showed her drivers license and was told she had already voted. 

They had her fill out a provisional ballot and and told her they will investigate and decide later whether her vote is counted.

7. Northern VA

It took over 90 minutes to vote at my polling station, only one registration computer was working, there was no paper backup, and they were perhaps processing 1 voter per minute. The voting stations (paper and electronic) were working fine, it was an issue with only one station checking voter eligibility.

Many voters turned and walked away upon seeing the queue, had this happened in another demographic neighborhood it would surely be represented as voter suppression. This was at the Crossfields School Polling station in Fairfax County.

8. Small voting precinct in Southwest VA—Scott County/Rye Cove Precinct.  

Sidewalks lined with Romney/Ryan, George Allen and Morgan Griffith signs. A handful of Kaine signs, a couple of Flaccavento signs but ZERO Obama signs. Not a single one!!!!  

Touch-screen voting machines and no errors, no problems. Arrived at 7:15 a.m. and poll workers said they had already had the most voters ever at that time of morning.


1. Standing outside in 36 degree weather in Appleton, Wisconsin.    

Over 100 people waiting for the polls to open on the north side of town.   

Turnout appears to be comparable to the Walker recall election in July.

2. I just returned to Illinois after attending a Packers game in Wisconsin. Once into Wisconsin never saw but one Obama sign. Numerous Romney signs all over. Fans at tailgating parties indicate almost all Romney voters. Complete mistrust of Obama and high praise for Romney and Gov Walker.


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