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Follow Breitbart News for continued coverage and analysis of President Barack Obama's second inauguration as we explore what is ahead for the nation for the next four years--and how the conservative movement can respond. We will continue adding to the list of original stories below as our coverage continues through January 22.

The Second Term

"Obama Second Term Overview: The Beginning, not the End, of the Campaign" - Joel B. Pollak

"Obama 2.0: Destroy the GOP as National Party" - Mike Flynn

"Obama's Second Term: The Long Campaign" - Meredith Dake

"Obama Campaign Transforms into Lobbying Group" - Ben Shapiro

"Obama's Greatest Achievement Might Be Destroying the Media" - John Nolte

"Permanent Campaign: Obama to Use Re-Election Machine to Target NRA" - Ben Shapiro

"Will the Inauguration Officially Usher in 'The New McCarthyism'?" - Dr. Susan Berry

"Obama's Second Term: Hollywood Relishes Industry Tax Cut, Possible SOPA Rebirth" - Christian Toto

"We Are All Chicagoans Now" - Joel B. Pollak

"Unprecedented: Obama Campaign to Turn Itself into Non-Profit" - Wynton Hall

The Conservative Agenda

"Reload: Second Amendment Rallies Highlight Conservative Potential in Obama's Second Term" - Joel B. Pollak

"GOP's 2nd Term Supreme Court Plan: Keep Scalia, Kennedy Alive" - Ben Shapiro

"Celebrate Inauguration Day by Pledging to Doom Obamacare" - John Nolte

"The Wrecking of Obama Rex: It Will Take Time" - Virgil

"Post-Inauguration: GOP Has 2014 Senate Race Edge" - Elizabeth Sheld

"The Youth Vote: Making the GOP Cool Again" - Elena Lathrop

"Mark Levin's Inaugural Day Message: Fight!" - Ben Shapiro

The Inauguration

"Second Inaugural Address: Obama Declares War on Liberty as We Know It" - Joel B. Pollak

"Moments After Inaugural Address, Obama Launches Battle Machine" - Ben Shapiro

"Obama's Partisan Inauguration" - Ron Futrell

"Pastor Leads 'Forward' Chant at Obama Pre-Inauguration Service" - Ben Shapiro

"Public Gloomy Ahead of Obama Inaugural" - Mike Flynn

"Obama Takes Unlimited Corporate Donations for Inauguration" - Ben Shapiro

"No Huffington Post Inauguration Blowout This Time" - Warner Todd Huston

"Inaugural Sponsors Spent $160 Million Lobbying Government" - Mike Flynn

"Big Oil Helps Bankroll Obama Inaugural" - Wynton Hall

"Obama's Target Is Not Republicans, but the Constitution Itself" - Joel B. Pollak

"Kimmel Catches Obama Supporters Gushing Over Inauguration Ceremony That Hasn't Happened" - Breitbart TV

"Oprah and George Clooney Staying Home for Inaugural" - Warner Todd Huston

"From Inauguration to Faith Healing: Obama Calls on Supporting Cast as Symbols of His Success" - Joel B. Pollak

"On Eve of Obama's Second Inauguration, Al Qaeda Opens Second Front" - Joel B. Pollak

"Report: Smaller Crowds for Obama's Second Inauguration" - Warner Todd Huston


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