Landing Gear from 9/11 Plane Found at Proposed Ground Zero Mosque Site

An apparent piece of landing gear from one of the Boeing planes used in the 9/11 attacks was found behind the site of the proposed Ground Zero mosque. 

According to the New York Post, surveyors hired by the owner of the 51 Park Place building made the discovery while working on the property. Police are treating it as a crime scene and will look for human remains. 

The landing gear, which was wedged between the building where the proposed mosque would be and another, had a Boeing identification number that was clearly visible. 

New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said they are investigating the possibility that the landing gear was placed at the scene after 9/11 and not ruling out that it may have been "lowered by a rope" because "there’s a rope that is intertwined in the part itself."

A lawyer representing the Muslim community center project said he believed the landing gear was placed at the scene by opponents of the plan in hope of renewing their court challenges.

“I think this is a prank, and there’s no way this all of a sudden showed up. It’s hard to believe they now have found evidence that wasn’t put there recently,” the lawyer said.


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