IRS Scandal a Taste of Things to Come Under Obamacare


IRS Scandal

As news continues to emerge regarding the way the IRS targeted and intimidated groups and individuals who spoke out against Obama on political issues, it's important to remember that once Obamacare is fully implemented the IRS will be able to play the bully on an even larger scale.

The difference is, the kind of intimidation shown toward people like Billy and Franklin Graham in the dark will be legal conduct for the IRS to carry out in broad daylight against the U.S. citizenry. 

Just think of how many new taxes are contained in Obamacare, each of which will require IRS oversight and enforcement. As the Heritage Foundation reported, the healthcare overhaul broadens the IRS' role in our lives by raising taxes on families with a household income of over $250,000, "[increasing] payroll tax rate... for high earners' investment income," adding a $28.5 billion tax on medical devices--a tax which will be passed on to consumers--and placing a premium tax on health insurers, just to mention a few.

And the avenues for intimidation won't simply be toward individuals but small businesses as well. Following the June 2012 Obamcare Supreme Court ruling, Fox Business News reported the "SCOTUS ruling means [a] bigger, more intrusive IRS." It means "the IRS gets to know about a small business's entire payroll, the level of their insurance coverage--and it gets to know the income not just of the primary breadwinner in your house, but your entire family's income, in order to asset/collect the mandated tax."

Rush Limbaugh put this power into perspective when he said: "The IRS is going to have a free look not just at the breadwinner's income, but at everyone in the house." He made it clear that the IRS does not have "the right to know all this" and were dependent upon what they could glean from a tax return up until now, but Obamacare changes everything.

And while this expansion of IRS power wasn't supposed to hit the American people or American small businesses until 2014 or 2015, the IRS has already begun overriding provisions in various states to expand Obamacare participation--whether the state likes it or not. 

This alone could prove detrimental to small businesses in Virginia, West Virginia, Wyoming, Wisconsin, South Dakota, North Dakota, Texas, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Ohio, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Nebraska, Mississippi, Montana, Michigan, Kansas, Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Georgia, Florida, Delaware, and other states that have chosen not to set up an Obamacare state healthcare exchanges. Small Business Trends reports small business owners have already filed a lawsuit against the IRS over this intrusion.

The bottom line--the intimidation the IRS has shown to those who've opposed Obama's agenda is actually a small measure of what could be coming in big doses to all of us soon, thanks to Obamacare.


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