Adam Lanza's Computer Contained Files on Mass Shootings, Pedophilia Advocacy

Among the thousands of documents Connecticut police released December 27 related to the heinous crime at Sandy Hook Elementary, the contents and files of Adam Lanza's computer include files on mass shootings, mass murders, pedophiles' rights, and a man/boy love story.

According to police reports contained within the documents, Lanza's laptop computer contained "hundreds of bookmarks," a number of which were for "mass murder killing spree" and "mass murders." 

His desktop had a "document written showing the prerequisites for mass murder spreadsheet."

Lanza's desktop also had a "document written advocating pedophiles' rights" and a "screenplay or script describing a relationship between a 10 year old boy and a 30 year old man." 

There was a "5 second video..depicting children being shot (dramatization)." 

Among other files on the desktop were images of Lanza holding a handgun to his head and images of him holding a rifle to his head. 

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