Dem Rep Hoyer Cites Non-'Stand Your Ground' Cases to Prove Problem With 'Stand Your Ground' Laws

Speaking on February 20, House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD) said the mistrial over Micheal Dunn's first-degree murder charge coupled with George Zimmerman's innocent verdict prove it's time for "stand your ground" laws to be "reevaluated."

One small caveat: neither Dunn nor Zimmerman's defense invoked "stand your ground."

It's been well-document that Zimmerman's case was argued on self-defense apart "stand your ground" and Dunn's case was argued in the same way. ABC News reports "both defendants argued basic self-defense law that would have been similar in just about every state in the union."  

Nevertheless, ABC News also notes "legal commentators who should know better, [are] repeatedly citing [stand your ground] as crucial in both cases." 

According to The Hill, Hoyer believes the Dunn case demonstrates that "stand your ground" creates inequities and may provide a way out for white people who shoot black people. 

He says he will "continue to work with the Congressional Black Caucus" to pursue "equal justice" in this area.

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