Florida House Adds Warning Shot Allowance to 'Stand Your Ground'

On March 20th the Florida House passed warning shot legislation 93-24.

This would allow citizens under attack to fire a warning shot instead of retreating and instead of shooting the attacker immediately.

According to Bradenton.com, bill sponsor Neil Combee (R-Auburndale) said he pushed this bill for the sake of Marissa Alexander.

According to US News & World Report, Alexander was arrested in August 2010 after firing a warning shot while being attacked by her estranged husband. She was tried and convicted, served 21 months of a 20-year sentence, was freed, and will face retrial on July 28th.

Combee's bill had broad Republican support, with some support from Democrats as well, although state representative Perry Thurston (D-Fort Lauderdale) sought to amend the bill and use it to "make major changes to 'stand your ground.'"

The Florida Senate "tentatively" passed a bill similar to Cumbee's on March 20th. It will come up for a floor vote in the senate on March 26th.

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