Customer with Handgun Stops Attack by Shoplifter with Dirty Syringe

On March 25th a Home Depot customer with a handgun in Roseville, Mich., stopped an attack by another customer who had shoplifted a drill and was using a dirty needle to stab at security officers trying to apprehend him.

According to the Detroit Free Press, 26-year-old Joshua J. Silva "began to fight with store loss prevention officers in the parking lot when they tried to apprehend him for stuffing a $179 battery-powered drill under his coat." During the fight Silva "pulled a concealed syringe from his jacket and used it as a weapon... [stabbing] one of the officers several times with the contaminated needle."

A customer with a concealed carry license saw the attack, pulled his handgun, and "told Silva to drop the syringe and get on the ground."

Roseville Police Chief James Berlin said the needle "had some residue in it" and will be tested "for any signs of communicable diseases." 

Berlin also said he will put the concealed carry permit holder "in for a citizen's citation."

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