Burglar Jiggled Doorknobs Looking For Way In, Then Got Shot

On May 6th a burglar "jiggling" doorknobs to find an unlocked door at a Phoenix, Arizona, home was shot by the female homeowner.

According to KFYI News, the 47-year-old homeowner "called 911 and grabbed her gun after hearing someone jiggling her doorknobs looking for an unlocked door." When the would-be burglar "couldn't find one, police say, the man grabbed a long-handled garden tools [sic] and broke in through a sliding glass door."

Inside the house, the man chased the woman "then started assaulting her with the garden tool."

The armed woman responded by "shooting the burglar in the stomach."

Police Sgt. Tommy Thompson says "the woman absolutely had the right to shoot the burglar," who suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

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