Pete Sessions Pushes Border Security in House Majority Leader Race

As Republican House members filed into the basement meeting room to say goodbye to Eric Cantor, they pushed past reporters in the packed hallway, largely ignoring shouted questions about the race for Republican Majority Leader.

But Texas Representative Pete Sessions strode up to the cameras and explained why he was the best candidate.

“There he goes,” one House member muttered as he witnessed the scene. Other congressmen in the hall chuckled in response.

Sessions couldn’t have made it any clearer why he was running: to send a message to the White House on  immigration reform.

For Sessions it was likely a clear conclusion from Cantor’s loss. The anti-amnesty critics faulted Cantor for vowing to work with the Obama administration on immigration reform, and Cantor lost his primary.

"I think this administration needs to be prodded and reminded that the entire sovereignty of the United States is at risk if we do not secure our border--north, south, east, and west,” Sessions told reporters. “The things which are occurring at our border must be stopped and must be controlled before we do anything else that encourages people to come here."

Sessions just recently beat a Tea Party challenger in his own primary who campaigned against him for his immigration stance.

Katrina Pierson, who was endorsed by former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, challenged Sessions for endorsing "a guest worker program,” which would allow illegal immigrants to obtain legal status.

“Border security, border security, and border security,” he told Washington Post reporter Robert Costa in an interview on his run in the race for House leadership.


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