Rick Perry on ISIS: America Should Be the Hunter, Not the Hunted

Texas Governor Rick Perry signaled that he supported President Obama’s decision to bomb ISIS terrorist forces in Iraq, but he criticized Obama for failing to act sooner.

During an appearance at a RedState gathering in Texas, Perry said that the U.S. was “right to eliminate them.”

“It is appropriate for us to protect Kurdistan. If there is one part of Iraq that is very important to us, it is Kurdistan,” he said, according to RedState’s Brad Jackson. "The leadership there, big Christian population, there are a number of good, legitimate reasons to protect them.”

Jackson also reported that Perry told him that “It is very appropriate for us to be the hunter and them to be the hunted,” when discussing ISIS in Iraq.

But Perry was critical of Obama for being too cautious to intervene in foreign conflicts.

“We have led from the rear since Libya and Egypt,” he said. “Negotiating with Iran, not putting a no fly zone in Syria, allowing for Ukraine to devolve and the Crimea to be taken and now for ISIS to be in Iraq. There is a very clear pattern of not acting until it is too late.”


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