MSNBC’s Maddow Reports Internet Spoof Story as Fact

So, in a segment making fun of rightwingers, the hilarious Rachel Maddow quoted liberally from a website called The website had urged Sarah Palin to call for invading Egypt - making her a mummy grizzly ripe for Maddow's mockery.


Rachel had to run with it.

And boy did she enjoy it. A little too much, perhaps.

Too bad it ain't real.

See, Christwire is a parody site - all the stuff is made up.

Still, she fell for it like a tourist pawing at a fake Rolex.

But that's no big deal. It happens. We get stuff like this pitched all the time and we've almost been taken. And, I'm still convinced Fred Phelps is a left-wing performance artist. A damn good one, I might add.

Anyway, Maddow let her lazy assumptions about the right get the better of her. Dripping with disdain for Palin and conservatives in general - she can't see the difference between what's real and what's phony.

But that's not what got me.

It was her rabid delivery. It creeped me out.

Look - both the right and left are easy to parody. The only difference: the left is coddled by the media, because the media is the left. It's why nobody made fun of Obama. They are Obama.

And this makes their parody-detection muscles flabby. Comfortably cocooned in a shell of never questioned beliefs, asking them to detect political parody is like asking Michael Moore to run up ten flights of stairs.

The good news: RM admitted she fell for the joke.

Too bad she was the punchline.

And if you disagree with me, you're worse than Hitler.

(That's a joke - Rachel - it's not really meant to mean you're worse than Hitler)


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