London Looters Are A-Holes

So as rioting in London spreads like plaque on rotted teeth, there's something more toxic than the violence going on.

It's some of the reaction to it - which stinks of justification.

Says one anarchist, while punks steal chocolate: "This is the uprising of the working class. We're redistributing the wealth."

Yep - free sweets - that's a revolution.

I'm sure those folks in Syria are inspired.

I tell you - I'd hate to be a shopkeeper, knowing that the man looting the store is viewed more romantically than the man stocking the shelves.

But you can find this idiocy anywhere: academia, TV, movies, music... the belief that despicable behavior is okay if you dress it up as a response to "the man."

But what's worse is the way we now respond to this crap.

It is the curse of political correctness: Our fear of demanding good behavior now allows for bad.

The collective low expectations creates a world of broken spines - not just in London, but in Philadelphia and Milwaukee where flash mobs rage - with the media too timid to follow.

Could it be that if you expect civilized behavior from the modern class, you're a racist? Is it better to just look the other way, and lock your doors?

Or move?

Finally, I ask, why does looting occur?

Well, it happens because you let it. Without fear of punishment, or harm, there is no need for the looter to stop - especially when he's got apologists behind you.

I guess what I'm saying is - this would never happen in Texas.


Remi Spencer

K.T. McFarland

Joe Devito.

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