'Gasland' Director Who Decried GOP Censorship Over Arrest Once Censored Fellow Filmmaker

"Gasland" director Josh Fox got arrested yesterday for trying to film a fracking-related hearing on the Hill without permission.

Fox quickly blasted the GOP lawmakers who voted to have Fox and his film crew ejected from the hearing. Democrats quickly aligned themselves with Fox, whose celebrated 2010 documentary argued that natural gas drilling practices aren't environmentally safe.

It turns out Fox didn't mind a heaping helping of censorship when it involved a fellow filmmaker who dared to question his findings.

Phelim McAleer, a Big Hollywood contributor and muckraking video journalist, challenged some of the charges Fox made in his film last summer at a public event. When McAleer tried to post video of the exchange on YouTube Fox used legal means to have the clip taken down. When McAleer tried to put the clip on another popular video site, Vimeo.com, Fox once again used legal pressure to keep the exchange off the web.

McAleer had the final say on the matter, creating his own web site about the censorship matter and posting the video on it.

Fox claimed the GOP lawmakers were infringing on his First Amendment rights, but the hearing in question was being broadcast online via the committee's web site for all to see.


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