Jon Stewart Still Trashing GOP, Ignoring Dem Gaffes in Govt. Shutdown Fight

It's not hard to imagine Jon Stewart and his crack Daily Show writing team hearing about Sen. Harry Reid's latest gaffe or news that the government is blocking U.S. veterans from entering national memorials and quickly covering their ears.

How else can they continue to spew one-sided comedy so impossibly smug it should make even proud liberals blanch.

Instead, Stewart was up to his usually name-calling Wednesday night, ignoring the computer glitches that are quickly the hallmark of Obamcare and blasting the GOP as if a second party didn't even exist inside the Beltway.

Stewart railed against the GOP for supposedly ignoring the most vulnerable affected by the government shutdown but ignored the elderly veterans who tried to pay respects to their fellow soldiers, not to mention Reid saying he doesn't care about sick kids during a nationally televised interview.

So it's another round of tightly edited clips, lies by omission and other tactics The Daily Show have refined to an art. Of course, Stewart couldn't complete the segment without more bleeped profanity.

This is what passes for brilliant political comedy--what a scam.


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