Miley Cyrus Simulates Oral Sex on Bill Clinton Impersonator to Start Tour

Twerking. Foam fingers. Simulated sex. Furry costumes. Plenty of tongue.

Miley Cyrus trotted out her greatest shock hits on the first night of her Bangerz tour this weekend in Vancouver, but she shared something new with her fan base.

She simulated giving oral sex to a person dressed up as President Bill Clinton.

The singer was clad in red-white-and-blue outfit that consisted of a high-cut sparkly leotard, star-spangled cowboy boots and Stetson hat.

Miley got down on her knee and crouched low while her masked partner in untucked shirt, black suit and tie grooved to the music in front of her.

The young singer, eager to shed her squeaky clean image, also rode a massive hot dog, got groped by her backup singers and wore ugly teeth during one part of the show.

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