Jennifer Lawrence Takes Heat for Privately Told Rape Joke

Jennifer Lawrence may soon learn that even off-mic comments can come back to haunt you in 2014.

No, the American Hustle stunner didn't say something as profoundly awful as what Clippers owner Donald Sterling did recently. 

Instead, she uttered a tasteless joke to show her admiration for a colleague. The comment is now being used against her.

At an industry party hosted by Vanity Fair and Armani party on May 17, Jennifer's off the cuff and off-hand remark was overheard, duly noted and subsequently has snowballed into a PR nightmare for the 23-year-old.

Jennifer had revealed that when she first met Gravity director Alfonso Cuarón she started screaming and approached him saying: 'I broke out my rape scream for you!'

Tasteless jokes are no longer acceptable, even when told without wicked intentions and among friends, apparently.


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