Will Jon Stewart Hammer 'Dead Broke' Hillary During 'Daily Show' Interview?

Any political humorist would be itching to interview Hillary Clinton at this point.

Not only is the former Secretary of State wrapping up a disastrous book tour, her repeated claims about being financially troubled is prime comic fodder. Just ask Harry Shearer.

Will Jon Stewart take the bait?

We'll find out tomorrow when Clinton makes her third appearance on Comedy Central's The Daily Show. Both Stewart and fellow Comedy Central liberal Stephen Colbert have asked some tough questions of progressive leaders in the past--even though they spend much of their showing spinning for liberal policies.

Can Stewart quiet his inner cheerleader and conduct a comic vetting of the likely 2016 presidential candidate? It might be far away enough from 2016's race to answer ... yes. Whatever mischief Stewart makes this week might be forgotten by then.

The Daily Show airs at 11 p.m. EST on Comedy Central.


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