The Media Wants Excitement in 2012? Seriously?

“As yet, nothing wildly exciting has taken place, according to pundits and the analysts, inside the Republican field right now.”

That’s ABC’s Christiane Amanpour working hard to tell Republicans that their field for the presidential nomination sucks right now. Actually, she defers her comments to the “pundits and analysts” who somehow are experts in knowing what is exciting. What would she call exciting? Perhaps if one of the Republican candidates did a “Howard Dean Scream," or if one of them had a “John Edwards Affair” with one of their staffers during the campaign? Oh ya, the activist old media kept that quiet during the 2008 campaign because apparently that wasn’t the type of “excitement” they wanted.

Did the media miss Herman Cain’s announcement speech in Atlanta? I suggest they watch it if they want to see excitement. The same media that was so captivated (and they still are) by Barack Obama’s race has virtually ignored Cain. Go figure? By the way, if the media loves great speech makers, as they say they do, they might want to watch Cain for that reason as well. He uses no teleprompter, no reverb, and no Greek columns behind him. Maybe if he had, they would’ve called it “exciting.”

Did they miss Mitt Romney raising $10+ million dollars in eight hours in Las Vegas? I was there. It was exciting. Apparently a Republican who has such tremendous support financially from the people doesn’t count as exciting in the minds of the activist old media. Instead Politico uncovers that Newt Gingrich has a revolving account at Tiffany’s in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and Chris Matthew calls it a “big mistake” and that Newt wasn’t “thinking ahead.” Seriously Chris, you want to talk about big mistakes and not thinking ahead? How’s that 14 trillion dollar debt clock workin fer ya? Watching the debt clock rack up faster than lap times at the Indy 500 must be exciting stuff in the minds of the media. Also, Newt used his money, Obama is using ours.

Listen, we know the game here, no matter what happens during this campaign the media will not like the Republican candidates, they will tell us they are unexciting and they will tell us that “polls say Republicans are unhappy with their candidates.” Matthews used a graphic to call the Republican race “Misery Loves Company.” Now, if you think that’s just the media being its regular, cynical selves, think again. I don’t recall the media saying the 2004 Presidential field of Democrats running against George W. Bush was not exciting, or that Democrats were wildly unhappy with their candidates, in fact, it was quite the opposite. Don't doubt me, I read those news stories. This was the field with Dick Gephart, Dean, John Kerry (or is it Jon Carry?) Al Sharpton, and Hillary Clinton. In fact, the media loved parroting the DNC premise that called Sharpton the “Godfather of quick wit and one liners.” Of Hillary it was said, “This Dem Diva is the buzz for the next four years.” Remember when Kerry disparaged US troops serving in the middle east by implying they were not intelligent? The troops reaction remains a classic photo, virtually ignored by the media during that campaign. That's not the type of excitement the media is looking for.

Everybody knows the love the activist old media have for their Dear Leader in the White House. Whoever emerges from this Republican field to run against Obama must be fearless. The group attacks being leveled on the entire field right now will eventually be focused on one person. Ask Bush what that feels like. He handled the brutal attacks with class and style and they lasted for years. Remember when the media went non-stop attacking the Bush White House over the supposed leaking of a CIA agent’s name that actually came out of the State Department? Four years of Valerie Flameout there. I guess that's what the media calls "exciting."

I have the utmost respect for each of these Republican candidates for having the courage to place their arm in the wood chipper and put up with these attacks. For that, this entire field should be praised---that's both courageous and exciting.


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