Leftist VoteVets Target Limbaugh

As the orchestrated effort Limbaugh by the Obama White House and the Institutional Left  to crush and silence conservative Rush Limbaugh continues to steamroll across America's media landscape, a new front in their war has been revealed in an e-mail from left-aligned VoteVets.org tile “Get Rush Off The American Forces Network."

The email says in part:

Yesterday, we sent this statement out from four female veterans who are members of VoteVets.org, regarding Rush Limbaugh’s recent statement that women who use birth control are “sluts” and “prostitutes,” calling for the American Forces Network to stop broadcasting him:

"Rush Limbaugh has a freedom of speech and can say what he wants, but in light of his horribly misogynistic comments, American Forces Network should no longer give him a platform.  Our entire military depends on troops respecting each other - women and men.  There simply can be no place on military airwaves for sentiments that would undermine that respect.  When many of our female troops use birth control, for Limbaugh to say they are "sluts" and "prostitutes" is beyond the pale.  It isn't just disrespectful to our women serving our country, but it's language that goes against everything that makes our military work.  Again, we swore to uphold our Constitution, including the freedom of speech, and would not take that away from anyone - even Limbaugh.  But that does not mean AFN should broadcast him.  In fact, it shouldn't."

Yesterday, American Forces Network said there were no plans to pull Limbaugh.  That is not acceptable.  We need you to join our petition to the Department of Defense (which operates AFN), calling on Limbaugh’s broadcast to be pulled.

VoteVets claims they are a “501(c)(4) organization which primarily focuses on nonpartisan education and advocacy on behalf veterans and their families” but this is a clear example of a group – like Media Matters for America — that pretends to be nonpartisan while actively working for an institutional left agenda. Other recent e-mails from the glue include “Romney's taxes – Keep Up The Heat!," “Action Alert: Islamophobe to speak at West Point” and an email titled “Elect a Vet in Illinois!” which linked directly to ActBlue the group that describes itself as "The online clearinghouse for Democratic action.”

VoteVetts is a group that betrays itself as "patriotic" but sees Rush Limbaugh has more threat than Islam. Their agenda could not be more clear; they attempt to use the goodwill that the American armed forces have engendered in order to subvert American values.

Given President Obama's lower approval rating among military than the general population, it's obvious why they would not want our troops to be able to hear the words of Rush Limbaugh.


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