Did St. Louis City Suppress Story On Occupy Violence?

Eddie Roth, head of Public Safety for the city of St. Louis, recently said this about the repeated vandalization of his home by Occupiers:

[He doesn't think] "the vandalism is representative of the Occupy movement in St. Louis, which is one of the reasons we have tried to keep it low-key."

Back in January, Occupiers spray-painted Roth's front steps with "We never forgive - Occupy." Last weekend, when Occupy St. Louis hosted trust fund socialists from all across the country, his home was vandalized again; this time "Blood on your hands" was the message. Occupiers previously had busted the windshield of a cop car and heavily vandalized a number of historic landmarks in the city's Reservoir Park. Three months ago they vandalized a subdivision entrance

One of the city residents living across the street from Reservoir Park remarked that residents never had a problem with graffiti in their area except from gangs.  

I spoke with the Mayor's office several months ago when Occupiers were first evicted from the downtown area. The Mayor's spokesman suggested that handling Occupiers with kid gloves was the city's way of preventing further property damage or violence. In other words, placating the bullies. That worked well, didn't it?

Two years ago, after the passage of health control, a few local grassroots activists held a prayer vigil in the street outside the home of Rep. Russ Carnahan, who later falsely accused those grassroots folks (including myself, except I wasn't even present that night) of trespassing on his property and leaving a coffin on is lawn, which was later completely debunked via a news report on KMOV 4. His office released a statement with the false accusation, and he milked the fabrication for press. It was a huge story in the St. Louis area for a few weeks and is still perpetuated by Soros sites. 

So where is Russ Carnahan now that Occupiers have not only vandalized the home of a city employee -- who reportedly lives but a couple blocks from Carnahan -- but the very neighborhood in which Carnahan lives? Don't you think if tea partiers were spray-painting threats like the one below in his neighborhood, he'd be quick to make a statement about it since he was so quick to lie earlier?

Where is Rep. Carnahan's statement?

Where is the Mayor's office? I've reached out to get comment from both Mayor Francis Slay and Eddie Roth. I'm told that I can expect a statement shortly. I will persist until I receive clarification. I've always gotten along well with Slay's office; I genuinely hope that the mutual goodwill continues and suspicions over whether or not the city purposefully downplayed a story to protect a group of vandals are put to rest. 


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