Democrats Determined to Keep Fluke-Gate Alive

It's the story that won't go away, the tactic Democrats keep dragging out and inflating with with artificial indignation to secure relevance. They do it because their presidential incumbent needs not just one political identity card -- he needs the whole deck. The administration's attempt to malign Rush Limbaugh and their collusion with MMfA to censor conservatives on the airwaves failed miserably, yet a bogeyman is still needed. Dutiful Hillary Clinton is trotted out to push the dead nontroversy, again. (And progressives insist that conservatives won't stop talking about it?) Clinton's time as the long-suffering silent spouse to her philandering Presidential husband has not blunted her appetite one iota for using women to push an agenda, as indicated by her recent interview with Andrea Mitchell.

Saying she was speaking as a woman and mother, Clinton told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell in a pre-taped interview, “I thought the response [to Limbaugh] was very encouraging. The response from the public, the response, in particular, from women cutting across all kinds of categories, the response from advertisers.”

Really? The response from Limbaugh's advertisers?

“I think we need to call people out when they go over the line. They’re entitled to their opinion but no one is entitled to engage in that kind of verbal assault ...

... We, as a nation, have every right — and in fact I welcome it — to engage in the kind of debate and dialogue that is at the root of who we are as Americans,” Clinton said. “But lets not turn it into personal attacks and insults."

Hillary Clinton was noticeably absent when worse language or crass words were used by equally big names to describe Sarah Palin (her children), Michelle Bachmann; she was silent when local radio host misogynists slurred Wisconsin Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch. Clinton apparently supports with her silence the verbal assault on these women because they're part of -- how did she name it? -- the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy. The difference is that Limbaugh apologized for the word he used to describe Fluke's action; most of the men who slurred the above-named women have never apologized. In fact, they defended their words. Even more -- the Obama administration (with its own history of workplace inequalitycontinue to support the men who use these terms.

I don't particularly dig the language progressives use to describe conservative women. I didn't, and wouldn't, call for them to be censored over it however, because I'm not a pretend First Amendment supporter like these latter day fascists in Slutgate. What is objectionable is their complete double-standard on respect for women. It's not a War On Women unless progressives can claim some sort of offense for their female base. They ignore the actual War On Women -- the War On Conservative Women. For a group that fights for sex, drugs, and free expression, progressives sure do cop the Puritan sensibility pretty quick after a few "sluts." It's comical, transparent, and utterly square.

If Clinton was genuine in her remarks on dialogue, she would be encouraging all in politics to demonstrate respect when conversing, not only when she feels progressive women are slighted and not in an effort to reanimate a dead story.

*UPDATE: I nearly forgot this story of Chelsea Clinton getting into the act with her Fluke remarks while on a political panel recently. 


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