New York Times: Breitbart Was Right On Pigford



For years Breitbart News, under the leadership of our founder Andrew Breitbart, went where no other media outlet would go. Breitbart investigated the Pigford Black Farmers' settlement, delving into the cronyism, corruption, and divisive racial politics surrounding the $1.2 billion payout to anyone who claimed they had "attempted to farm" but was in some way discriminated against by the US Dept. of Agriculture. 

As other media outlets ignored the story, or in some cases accused Breitbart News of racism for covering the story, Breitbart continued to press the story and shed light on the real victims of the Pigford settlement: The actual black farmers who really had been discriminated against and were outraged by the class-action suit. 

Now, nearly three years later, the New York Times has published an extensive investigative report validating Breitbart's original reporting and going further, saying that the wide-spread abuse of the Pigford program could balloon the cost of the settlement from $1.2 billion tax-payer dollars to an astounding $4.4 billion. 

To their credit, the Times credited Breitbart for spearheading the initial investigation: 

Public criticism came primarily from conservative news outlets like and from Congressional conservatives like Representative Steve King, Republican of Iowa, who described the program as rife with fraud. Few Republicans or Democrats supported him. Asked why, Mr. King said, “Never underestimate the fear of being called a racist.”

Read the entire article here.

(Photo: Andrew Breitbart presents details of Pigford investigation at CPAC 2011 press conference. Credit - Tom McLaughlin)


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