Florida Synagogue Protest: Controversy Continues over Election Year Visits

Two weeks ago, Breitbart News reported on a wave of protest among Jews in Florida against "official" visits by the Obama administration and Democratic leaders that are, in effect, taxpayer-sponsored campaign events aimed at undercutting criticism of President Barack Obama's policies toward Israel. Alan Bergstein, one of the protestors at B'nai Torah, the congregation in Boca Raton that hosted UN Ambassador Susan Rice, wrote to Breitbart News:

Thanks for this opportunity to explain just what the "protest" was about. A group of local Jewish and Christian Zionists were disturbed at learning that our UN Ambassador Susan Rice, was being given an opportunity to speak at B'nai Torah Congregation (BT), a local Boca Raton synagogue. That venue and its rabbi, David Steinhardt had been hosts to candidate Barack Obama during his run for the presidency back in 2008. His sermons from his pulpit usually gushed with praise for the President. We felt that the invite to Ms. Rice was an effort to anesthetize the Jewish community to the Obama administration's demonization of Israel.

We met and planned to make a silent, respectable, non-disruptive statement as our protest. We would register for the event and when Ms. Rice would glorify President Obama's Israel agenda to the audiience, we would silently stand, hold up our miniature Israeli flags and just walk out. There were never any plans for a disruption and at no time was the audience in any danger as BT's lawyer suggests in his letter to the members. I'll forward that letter to you in another mail. When our group silently rose they were led out into the lobby and told by hired Palm Beach Sheriff deputies to leave the temple grounds. They did as asked.

However, when I attempted to enter the temple as a duly registered guest, I was stopped at the door by one of its employees, told to leave the premises or be arrested. When I asked for an explanation, deputies were ordered to arrest me if I did not follow her directions. I am 79, a retired NYC school principal, a lecturer in hundreds of Jewish venues in South Florida for 21 years, a jounalist and a member of the Boca Raton Jewish Community Relations Council's Executive Board. And this board's chairman just happens to be Rabbi David Steinhardt.

In no manner shape or form were we ever a threat to the audience or to Ms. Rice. However, we are deemed a threat to the liberal Jewish establishment that caters to this present administration which is clearly anti-Israel. Shame on them.

Breitbart News obtained a letter from the congregation to its members, below.



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