San Francisco Hypocrites: 'Green' City Fails to Conserve Water During Drought

The home of green enthusiasts and environmental zealots, San Francisco, paid little attention to this year’s drought precautions by cutting water usage only 2%, while Sacramento cut overall water use by over 18%.

SFGate reported that, in January, Governor Jerry Brown set a target for Californians to reduce their water use by 20%. According to a state survey released on Tuesday, overall, the state has responded to the governor’s request by decreasing the state’s water consumption by 5%. This is well short of the goal. The bay area proved to be one of the state’s most negligent in tamping down the consumption of the precious resource.

Even worse than San Francisco, parts of Imperial, San Bernardino, Riverside, and San Diego counties managed only a 1% percent drop in water use. Senior environmental scientist with the State Water Resources Control Board Max Gomberg lamented, "It seems like there's more work to be done." 

SFGate recounted that California is enduring its third driest season on record. Moreover, having seen only half of its normal rainfall this winter, which produced modest Sierra snowpack, California’s drinking water has been diminished. 

Notably, the survey revealed that 53% of water districts have initiated drought plans, while 44% did not. Those that did not contend that water shortages were not an issue. 

Water supply companies are not supportive of any state-wide mandatory water restrictions, as some lawmakers and conservationists have advocated. They insist that the drought is location-specific. Jennifer Persike, a spokeswoman for the Association of California Water Agencies, claims that "The drought is a local story. It's driven by local conditions and local actions."


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