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Bernie Sanders Replaces Elizabeth Warren as Hillary Alternative

Incensed that Republicans want to abolish Obamacare and that the “billionaire class wants more and more for themselves and less for working families,” socialist U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont barnstormed the Bay Area with a spate of speeches and interviews signaling a possible 2016 presidential run.
Hillary Rodham Clinton

Journalist who Unveiled Hillary Spy Network Draws Iran Contra Parallel

In what Breitbart Executive Chairman, Stephen K. Bannon, referred to as a “stunning” and “breath-taking” course of events, Jeff Gerth of Propublica came on Breitbart News Sunday to discuss his recent article detailing how an ex-Hillary Clinton aide crafted a secret spying network in the lead up to the Benghazi terror attack and corresponded with Clinton via her private email account.
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Exclusive: Senator Vitter Spearheads End of National Elites and Common Core

A non-binding amendment introduced by Republican Senator of Louisiana David Vitter--referred to as the Local Control of Education act-- was approved last week in a long and drawn out voting session on the Senate budget resolution, which forbids the federal government "from mandating, incentivizing or coercing states to adopt the Common Core State Standards."
Tiger Woods

Tiger 50-50 to Tee It Up at The Masters

Tiger Woods’ former Stanford teammate and long time confidante, Notah Begay, gives it is 50-50 chance that the world’s most famous golfer and owner of 14 major championships will tee it up for his twentieth Masters Championship at Augusta National on April 9.

Witch Hunt By Navy Brass Against Decorated Chaplain for Expressing Traditional Marriage View

Chaplin Wes Modder left the Marine Corps in 1990 and decided that he would follow the calling that God asked, to be a minister. He also wanted to continue serving his country, so he chose being a military chaplain. Now the U.S. Navy threatens to end his career as a decorated Chaplain for the Naval Special Warfare command, for expressing his view of being in favor of traditional marriage.

Jerry Brown to Take Climate Change Theology to ‘Level of Crusade’

Sunday devout global warming believer Governor Jerry Brown at first hesitated when host Chuck Todd asked him on Meet The Press if California’s four year drought was directly attributable to climate change. But, the climate change zealot ultimately went into a spirited and somewhat incoherent rant espousing what is most important to him--other than allowing for millions of illegal aliens to gain drivers licenses and welfare subsides.

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