Attorney: Elliot Rodger Used a Knife, Hammer, and Machete to Kill Roommates

An attorney for the three roommates Elliot Rodger stabbed to death alleges that Rodger used "a knife, a hammer, and a machete" in killing the three individuals on May 23.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Santa Barabara County Sheriff Bill Brown described the scene as "pretty horrific" and said Rodger's roommates had been "stabbed repeatedly with sharp objects."

Attorney Todd Becker said he believes the three roommates were killed "sometime that day" (May 23). The young men "avoided [the] university's often wild party scene... instead preferring computer games, programming marathons or playing basketball." 

All told, it is alleged that, after Rodger killed the roommates with a knife, hammer, and machete, he used a gun to shoot and kill three more individuals and used his car to try to run four others down and kill them. 

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