Stolen Valor: Alleged Brian Terry Scammer Now Admits to More

Harrison Cutler, the man revealed by a Breitbart Texas investigation to have taken and solicited donations for the Brian Terry Foundation but kept them, has admitted to even more distortions in his alleged scam using the slain Border Patrol agent's name.

Cutler claimed to be a U.S. Border Patrol agent and a Navy Seabee.  During an interview with Breitbart Texas, Cutler admitted he was discharged from the Navy after an injury revealed he had failed to disclose a prior injury he received in high school.  He now claims to have received a General Discharge with a discharge code RE4 (not eligible for reenlistment). 

Responding to some of the attacks he has received on Facebook as a result of this story being exposed, Cutler said, “The only one who made false claims about me was me. I embellished my background, when I needn't had to.”

As to his claims to be a former Border Patrol agent, Breitbart Texas has learned Cutler washed out of the Border Patrol Academy after only a few days of training.

Cutler claims to have “no malicious intent” in keeping the money he received, that was intended for the Brian Terry Foundation, but facts and the timeline suggest otherwise.  Only after Breitbart Texas revealed his alleged scam did Cutler finally make his initial donation to the foundation in the amount of $1,694.34. Only after Breitbart Texas challenged Cutler as to if this was the entire amount he received from donors and sponsors did Cutler reveal he had suddenly “made a math error” and then donated an additional $1,000 to the foundation.  Receipt of both of these donations have been confirmed by the foundation to Breitbart Texas.

“I wronged so many people,” Cutler admitted to Breitbart Texas, “and nothing I can do can change that. The only thing I can do is complete the task I originally set out on. That will never excuse my actions. It will never remove the hurt and stain. I am the only one to blame, and the world wants my head on a pike.”

During the Breitbart Texas interview with Cutler, he claimed to be currently working in law enforcement.  When pressed on the issue, Cutler admitted that he is a corrections officer, but then lied about where he works, claiming to be working in the South Carolina state prison system.  It was later learned by Breitbart Texas, that Cutler is a jailer at the Charleston County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO) in South Carolina.

Blue Cell Protective Services, a private investigation firm in Michigan, filed a complaint with the CCSO that reveals more about Cutler’s stolen valor claims.  A copy of this complaint has been obtained by Breitbart Texas.  The complaint is signed by the firm’s owner, Erik Utrecht.

Utrecht states in the complaint, “Sadly, it appears that CUTLER has used the tragic murder of Agent BRIAN TERRY, false stories of a personal relationship with TERRY, and wild claims of public service to defraud businesses and individuals of monies, products and services.

He cites a screenshot of a Facebook posting alleged may by Cutler, posting as “Project: Honor First”, the Facebook profile he set up to obtain the donations, where Cutler allegedly states, “Brian [Terry] and I were both military vets before joining the Border Patrol. He was a Marine, and I was a Seabee in the Navy.  We met up at the Academy, and had been friends ever since. The news of his murder really hit home and it hit hard. I’m touched that the news moved you in such a way. We [referring to the person he was responding to on Facebook] are a very small percentage of the population, and we need to stick together.”

Utrecht claims that Cutler pulled that the heart strings and patriotic feelings of many people and organizations for well over a year and that he did so to solicit money for a purpose he did not appear to honor until after he was exposed on Breitbart Texas.

The complaint letter also states that Cutler has “made claims to be a member of the US Border Patrol, an LEO Firearms Instructor, a Federal Instructor, a member of Customs and Border Protection and Department of State while soliciting donations for PROJECT: HONOR FIRST.  These claims are supported by additional Facebook screenshots.  In one of these, Cutler allegedly states “I have to laugh because, unlike other instructors, I don’t really advertise. The professionals I have trained know how to reach me and know to keep a lo-pro about it… I am going out to do another weekend for the Williamsport PD, Penn College PD and the PA State Police barracks out there.”

In another alleged screenshot, Cutler appears to claim to be part of a Marine Interdiction team, part of a tactical unit.

Utrecht’s letter lists at least six companies who claim to have been scammed by Cutler’s “project”.

In a phone interview with Breitbart Texas, Utrecht stated he had spoken with an internal investigator with the CCSO.  While the investigator was not sure if there had been any crimes committed in their jurisdiction, he believed Cutler’s continued employment status with the county jail was seriously in doubt.

Cutler has since claimed to Breitbart Texas and on his Project: Honor First Facebook page, that in addition to the donations he has made to the Brian Terry Foundation, he is sending out full refunds to all who donated to his alleged scam.  One of the checks mailed out this week has been acknowledged as having been received by at least one of the alleged scam’s victims.

Cutler told Breitbart Texas, “I again wish to apologize for all the hurt I've caused. I never meant for this to happen the way it did. Life took a turn and I never got around to keeping my word.”  Whether that is a sincere apology or simply an attempt to avoid prosecution or gain leniency from a potential future court is unclear, but given Cutler’s history of admittedly false claims, one could certainly be skeptical.

Brian Terry was murdered in December, 2010 by a group of Mexican bandits who prey on drug smugglers and illegal aliens while they cross the border in southern Arizona.  A gun carried by one of the bandits was later exposed to have been part of the scandal now known as Operation Fast & Furious carried out by the Obama Administration.  The Brian Terry Foundation was set up by his family to honor his memory and pursue the truth about his murder.

Since this scandal was exposed by Breitbart Texas, many people and companies have stepped up and made donations directly to the Brian Terry Foundation to help ease the pain caused by Cutler on the Terry family and to help further the honorable mission of the foundation.

Final Letter-Cutler Investigation by BreitbartTexas

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