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Feds to Texas: You’ll Take Syrians Whether You Want Them or Not

The Obama Administration got back in the face of Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the other governors who said they would not accept Syrian refugees in their states. The governors were told they must take the Syrian refugees whether they want to or not. The move by the Office of Refugee Resettlement could lead to yet another lawsuit filed by states against the federal government.

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White House to Texas: Our Refugee Vetting System is Strong

A letter from the Obama Administration to Texas Governor Greg Abbott seeks to reassure the governor that the government has a strong refugee vetting system for Syrian Refugees. The letter was signed by the Secretaries of State and Homeland Security.


Dallas Mayor Admits Fear of White People

Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings spoke out against Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s order to state agencies not to participate in Syrian refugee resettlement programs of the federal government. Abbott issued an order last week stopping Texas’ participation and he urged the White House to stop its programs.


Pro-Syrian Refugee Protest Draws Hundreds to Texas Capital

Hundreds of pro-Syrian refugee activists took to the streets of Austin, Texas, this weekend to protest Governor Greg Abbott’s order to refuse the resettlement of Syrian refugees into Texas. One week ago, the Texas governor ordered state agencies not to participate in any federal resettlement programs. He also urged the White House to stop its program of bringing un-vetted Syrian refugees into America. Abbott partnered with at least thirty other governors in refusing the refugees from Syria.

Laredo Port of Entry

REPORT: 5 More Syrians Detained at Laredo Port of Entry

Five more Syrians have been detained at an international port of entry in Laredo, Texas. The Syrian group consisted of one family unit and two additional males. This is the second group of Syrians this week who have arrived at the international bridge in Laredo.


Texas DPS Gets Tip Line to Track Possible Terrorists

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) has established an internet based tip line to allow Texans to report suspicious behaviors that might lead to terrorism or other criminal activities. The move follows the attacks in Paris and the revelation by Breitbart Texas about Syrians who were caught crossing the Texas border with Mexico this week.


Texas AG Wades into Court Battle over Feds’ Red River ‘Land Grab’

The Texas Attorney General announced on Wednesday that their office has intervened in a federal lawsuit about the “Red River Land Grab.” The State will challenge federal encroachment onto privately-owned land and seeks to establish a more accurate recognition of the boundary between Texas and Oklahoma.

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Texas Rep. Introduces Bill to Protect Governors Refusing Syrian Refugees

A U.S. representative from Texas introduced a bill on Tuesday in the nation’s capital to protect state governors who refuse President Barack Obama’s plans to resettle Syrian refugees in their respective states. At least thirty-one governors have made statements refusing these refugees because of security concerns.

Syrians in Texas

Syrians in Texas Say Abbott Cannot Deny Refugees

Governor Greg Abbott’s promise to not help Syrian refugees settle in Texas is being called by some in the Houston Syrian community “un-American.” They are claiming the Governor has no constitutional right to block Syrian refugees.


Texas Governor Refuses Syrian Refugees

Texas Governor Greg Abbott says Texas will not allow Syrian refugees to be relocated into Texas in the wake of the Paris terrorist attack. He also called upon President Barack Obama to halt the importation of any additional Syrian refugees into the U.S.

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Exclusive: Texas Governor Approves Funds for 4,300 Border Cameras

Breitbart Texas learned that Texas Governor Greg Abbott approved the funds authorized by the 84th Texas Legislature to purchase and install thousands of additional cameras to monitor the Texas/Mexico border. The nearly $900,000 grant to begin the program recently received final approval by the Governor’s office.

Judge shooting in Austin - Crime Scene - Crime Scene Photo Jay Janner-AP-AAS

REPORT: Person of Interest Arrested in Shooting of Texas Judge

A Houston area news station is reporting that a person of interest in the shooting of Austin Criminal District Court Judge Julie Kocurek has been arrested. The Travis County (Austin) judge was shot Friday night as she returned home. The entrance to her driveway had been blocked to force the driver out of the car.

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Appeals Court Stops Obama’s Executive Amnesty

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals issued a ruling on Monday evening effectively putting a halt to President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty program. Texas and 26 other states joined in the lawsuit to block the Administration’s illegal action.