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Bob Price

Bob Price

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Women's Shelter - Transgender issues

Transgender Issue Strikes Oregon Women’s Shelter

Oregon women seeking shelter from homelessness or abusive men are being forced to share sleeping and bathroom facilities with men who “self-identify” as a woman. State anti-discrimination laws in that state require these women’s shelters to take in men who “self-identify” as a woman, a sheltered woman reported.

University of Texas Campus

Stabbing near UT Campus Leaves Two Injured

Police in Austin, Texas, responded to a report of a man with a knife near the University of Texas campus. At least one person was stabbed and a second person was injured with an undisclosed injury.

Police Officer shot and killed

Police Officer Shot, Killed During Traffic Stop

Police in Auburn, Massachusetts, are searching for a suspect after a local police officer was shot in the chest, multiple times, and killed. The shooting occurred during a traffic stop in the early-morning hours on Sunday.

200 starving horses

Man Accused of Starving 200 Horses Files Lawsuit

A Conroe, Texas, man who is accused of staving over 200 horses on his ranch is suing a couple who allegedly took five of the horses without paying for them. The man was charged in 2015 with animal cruelty.

K-9 Customs Officer

$850K in Meth, Heroin Seized by Feds at Border

In three separate incidents, officers with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) seized $850,000 in cocaine and heroin. The seizures took place over the weekend in the Tucson Sector in southern Arizona.

Previously Deported Illegal Alien

Previously Deported Illegal Alien to Stand Trial for Murder

An illegal alien who had been previously deported multiple times and then was let out of jail because of a government processing error is now set to stand trial for murder. The Mexican national allegedly killed five people after immigration officials sent a detainer to the wrong jail.

HPD - DUI - Fatal Crash

Drunk Driver Evades Arrest, Kills Prom Teen, Say Police

A man believed to be driving drunk took police on a short but deadly chase as he reportedly blasted through a red light killing one teen and injuring another. The two teens had just left their high school prom only an hour or so before.

Jubal alexander

Headless Body Found in Texas

The headless body of a chemical plant pipe cutter was found in a pick-up truck in Brazoria County, south of Houston. The body was found on May 3 but was just identified this week as that of Jubal Dee Alexander, a Port Arthur man. This is the second headless body found near the Texas coast in the past 14 months.

Donald Trump and Rick Perry

Rick Perry Attacked for Keeping His Word

Former Texas Governor and two-time presidential candidate Rick Perry is being attacked by conservative media outlets for, of all things, keeping his word. Governor Perry, like every other 2016 GOP presidential candidate, gave his word that he would support the nominee of the party – no matter who that nominee turned out to be.

Texas Sheriff Troy Nehls

Wave a Gun, Leave in a Bag, Says Texas Sheriff

A Texas county sheriff warned would-be robbers that if you come into his county waving a gun, you could leave in a bag. The comment came after a homeowner in his county used his gun to defend himself from a man attempting to rob him when he arrived at his home Wednesday evening.