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Open Carry OK - Reuters

IN DEPTH: Open Carry Bill Passes Initial Vote in Texas House after 5 Hr Debate

Following more than five hours of debate which was interrupted for several points of order discussions and fights over parliamentary procedure, HB 910 passed its initial vote on the floor of the Texas House by a vote of 96-35. The bill will allow Texas who possess a Concealed Handgun License (CHL) to openly carry a handgun in a shoulder or belt holster. Eighteen amendments were offered to the bill by both Republicans and Democrats but only one amendment was passed.
Woman Open Carrying in Resturaunt - Reuters-Bill Waugh

Texas House Passes Initial Vote on Open Carry Bill

The Texas House of Representatives has passed a bill on to second reading that would allow people with Concealed Handgun Licenses to openly carry handguns. The bill (HB 910) came to a vote after several hours of contentious debate over amendments and parliamentary procedural issues. The bill was approved by a vote of 96-35.
169Fort Hood Purple Hearts

Fort Hood Soldiers to Receive Full Purple Heart Benefits

U.S. Army Secretary John McHugh announced that the Army will provide “all possible benefits” to victims of the 2009 Fort Hood Shooting. The announcement comes less than one week after the Army presented Purple Heart medals to 36 soldiers and family members of those who were killed in the shooting.
AP Photo/Al Behrman

Open Carry Bill Heading Back to Texas House Floor for Vote

AUSTIN, Texas – The bill to allow holders of Texas Concealed Handgun Licenses (CHL) to openly carry handguns is heading back to the House floor for a vote on Friday. The bill came to the floor for a vote earlier this week but was sent back to committee due to a technical glitch.

Mexican Human Smugglers Get Prison and Deportation over Texas Stash House

HOUSTON, Texas – Three Mexican nationals received prison sentences and will face deportation for their role in holding more than thirty illegal immigrants in a stash house. The human smugglers were holding the immigrants until family members would pay ransoms they demanded before they would release the people they had already been paid to smuggle into the United States.
Woman Open Carrying in Resturaunt - Reuters-Bill Waugh

Point of Order Sends Texas Open Carry and Fracking Bills Back to Committee

Texas House Representative Trey Martinez Fischer (D-San Antonio) raised a point of order that resulted in a temporary setback for the House Open Carry bill, HB-910. The point of order was sustained by the Speaker, Joe Straus (R-San Antonio) and the bill will be sent back to the House Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee. The bill prohibiting local authorities from blocking fracking operations in their jurisdictions was sent back to committee on a similar point of order.
Clinton-Castro  Pablo Martinez Monsivais-AP

Julian Castro: The Second Coming of Obama

The possibility of a Clinton/Castro ticket in the 2016 Presidential Election seems very realistic as Julian Castro appears to be on the Democrat Party fast track. The former San Antonio mayor was picked by President Barack Obama last summer to become the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Previously he said a cabinet job he had “no upside politically.”
Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and Chairman Dennis Bonnen

Fireworks Erupt Between Texas House and Senate Over Tax Reform

Fireworks erupted on Wednesday in the Texas capitol building between the Lt. Governor and the House Speaker Pro Tempore over tax reform legislation. The verbal exchange between the two leaders began after State Representative Dennis Bonnen (R-Angleton), who also serves Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, unveiled his plan for a $4.7 billion tax cut.
Gang Units making arrests - HSI Video shot

Nearly 1,000 Gang Members with Ties to ‘Transnational Criminal’ Groups Arrested across US

An operation by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents across the United States has landed 976 gang members and associates with ties to transnational criminal gangs have been arrested in an operation named Project Wildfire. The arrests took place in 282 cities across the U.S. during a six-week period. The targets of the sweep were people affiliated with transnational criminal gangs or other transnational criminal activities.
Texas River Boat - Mission Texas

Abbott’s Emergency Item: Border Security Moving Slowly in Texas Senate

The Texas Senate appears to be moving slowly on a pair of border security bills, one of which has already passed the House. Border security legislation was set as an “Emergency Item” by Texas Governor Greg Abbott during his State of the State Address where he laid out his legislative agenda for the 84th session of the Texas Legislature. Approximately thirty days later, the Texas House passed HB 11 relating to border security and forwarded that bill to the Senate.

Texas AG Reacts to Court Ruling Continuing Stay on Obama Executive Action

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton released a statement on Federal Judge Andrew Hanen’s decision to deny the Obama Administration’s request to withdraw the stay he granted in February. The judge also denied the Administration’s request to immediately implement executive amnesty and granted limited discovery in the case.
Arc Electronics

Houston Homicides Up 59 Percent in First Quarter of 2015

HOUSTON, Texas – Seventy-three people have lost their lives at the hands of another person in Houston, Texas during the first quarter of 2015. This represents an increase in Houston homicides of 59 percent compared to the same timeframe in 2014 according to information from the Houston Police Department (HPD).
Blue Bell 3 oz. Chocolate IC Cup

Blue Bell Shuts Down Oklahoma Operations After CDC Warning

Bluebell Creameries shut down its Broken Arrow operations after continuing problems relating to the listeria bacteria. The move from the 108-year-old Texas ice cream maker comes after products that are produced in the Oklahoma facility tested positive for the potentially deadly bacteria. The warning from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) Friday night advised consumers against eating “Any Blue Bell Creameries product manufactured in the company’s Oklahoma facility.”
Abraham Anibol Chumil - CliffviewPilot

Molester of Little Girl Avoids Prison in New Jersey, Gets Deported and Illegally Re-Enters US

Border Patrol Agents in the Rio Grande Valley Sector of the Texas/Mexico border captured a criminal illegal alien child molester who was attempting to cross back into the United States after being deported. The Guatemalan man was captured near Rio Grande City in Starr County. He was initially transported to the McAllen Border Patrol Station for processing where his prior criminal record was discovered.
Mexican Cartel War

Breitbart Texas’ Cartel Chronicles Draws Mainstream Media Attention in Mexico

Two of the most respected independent publications in Mexico have acknowledged the effort made by Breitbart Texas to recruit citizen journalists in order to report on the daily violence along the Mexican northern border in a series called Cartel Chronicles. Mexico’s Proceso Magazine and Sin have recently both published stories about the efforts made by Breitbart Texas to shed light on the escalating violence in the northern part of the country which is hardly ever reported by Mexican local news outlets since drug cartels and Mexican politicians have a history of silencing them.
Katy ISD Girl Kidnapped

Kidnapped Texas Schoolgirl Strikes Back and Escapes Attacker

HOUSTON, Texas — A sixteen-year-old female Katy Independent School District (ISD) student is safe after being kidnapped Monday morning while waiting for school bus.  The young girl’s ordeal ended after about two hours when she managed to escape using some quick thinking and
Louie Gohmert - House Photo

Gohmert Presidential Aspirations: No More Bald Presidents in My Lifetime

Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) created a small grass-fire in the arena of the 2016 presidential campaign when he hinted that he might be considering forming an exploratory committee. Gohmert’s staff quickly backpedaled and said the Congressman was making a joke. A Congressional staffer for Gohmert jokingly said there will be “no more bald presidents in his lifetime.”
Jordan Britten with Friends

Jordan Britten: More Information on College Student Found Dead on South Padre Island

The death of Jordan Britten, the college student who went missing during spring break on South Padre Island, is being called "suspicious" by local authorities. Britten was found by searchers about a block off of the road in a marshy area between Schlitterbahn and Chapel by the Sea. Authorities said the location was directly across the road from Dirty Al’s.
Larry Phillips

Texas House Committee Passes Open Carry for Concealed License Holders — Campus Carry on Hold

By a vote of 7-2, the Texas House Committee on Homeland Security and Public Safety passed a bill which will allow Texans with concealed carry licenses to openly carry firearms. The bill, HB 910, authored by Chairman Larry Phillips (R-Sherman), will now move to the House Calendars Committee where it will be scheduled to go to the floor for a vote by the entire Texas House.
U.S. Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl talks to a Taliban militant as he waits in a pick-up truck before his release at the Afghan border

Bergdahl’s Attorney Offers No Explanation of How or Why He Left Base

Attorneys for U.S. Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl released statement and a thirteen page letter that fails to offer any explanation as to why the soldier left his base in a combat zone. The letter offers many arguments as to why he should be charged with the lessor offense of being on an unauthorized absence (UA) but nothing about his motivations for leaving.

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