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BP to Pay Texas $780M Over Oil Spill

Texas will receive more than $780 million from BP as part of a $20.2 billion settlement agreement with Gulf states in connection with the 2010 Deep Water Horizon oil spill. The settlement agreement follows a federal judge ruling that found BP at fault for gross negligence in the spill, which released nearly 134 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

Dwayne Stovall

Grassroots Leader Dwayne Stovall Announces Race for Texas Congressional Seat

Texas grassroots leader and constitutionalist Dwayne Stovall announced Wednesday that he will be running in the Republican 2016 primary for the office of U.S. Representative for the 36th Congressional District. The seat is currently held by freshman Congressman Brian Babin who famously used his first vote as a Member of Congress to vote “present” in the House Speaker’s race.

Carlos McKnight

SCOTUS Approves Same-Sex Marriage: Texas Leaders React

The Supreme Court of the United States, in a 5-4 decision on Friday, declared that same-sex marriage is a fundamental right. Almost immediately, various count clerks’ offices around Texas began issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Texas elected officials quickly responded to the high court’s decision.

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Texas Leaders React to SCOTUS Decision on Obamacare Subsidies

In a 6-3 ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the subsidies received by people who live in states with no state exchanges are constitutional. The ruling in King v. Burwell, a second Obama victory before the Supreme Court, ensures that those receiving these subsidies will be able to continue on the program.

Lakota Helicopter

Illinois National Guard Heads to Texas Border

Members of the Illinois National Guard (ING) are headed to help secure the border between Texas and Mexico. Approximately twenty soldiers and one helicopter will join other National Guard units from across the nation as part of Operation Phalanx II.

Kurtis Cook - KLTV Screenshot

Fired Texas Firefighter Says Praise Not Aimed at Dylann Roof

An East Texas firefighter who was fired from his fire department for making a Facebook comment that appeared to be praising South Carolina shooter Dylann Roof says that was not who his comment was referring to. Kurtis Cook says his post was taken out of the context of the discussion thread and he was praising someone else who had made donations to the victims.

AG Paxton

17 Alleged Child Predators Busted Across Texas

The Texas attorney general’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC) joined with the national ICAC task force in “Operation Broken Heart II.” The operation, which included federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies resulted in the arrest of 17 alleged child predators.

84th Legislative Hall of Shame

Texas GOP Announces ‘84th Legislature Hall of Shame’

Two Texas State Senators and four State Representatives have been named to the Republican Party of Texas (RPT) “Hall of Shame” for their actions in the 84th Legislative Session. One of the Senators, two-time lose Leticia Van de Putte (D-San Antonio), resigned at the beginning of the session to chase her political future down the drain.


Texas Lawyer Building Class Action Lawsuit Against City for Possibly Illegal Houston Drainage Fee

HOUSTON, Texas — A Texas lawyer has filed a lawsuit, and is attempting to have it declared a class action, against the City of Houston for the possibly illegal collection of drainage fees. The fees are one of the results of the 2010 Prop 1 “Rain Tax” charter amendment election which is in danger of being thrown out after a recent Texas Supreme Court ruling.

LRT Bail Out

Smugglers Changing Tactics in Laredo Sector of Texas Border

More than 130 pounds of marijuana was seized on Wednesday morning when U.S. Border Patrol agents from the Laredo South Sector discovered a vehicle leaving a known smuggling area along the Rio Grande River. The driver led agents on a short chase and crashed back into the river in what is described as a “splashdown” event. Breitbart Texas has learned this is a new technique for smugglers in the Laredo sector.

Marijuana Seizure - I-35 Checkpoint - CBP Photo

2 Tons of Marijuana Seized at Texas Inland Border Checkpoint

U.S. Border Patrol Agents discovered more than 4,000 pounds of marijuana in a tractor-trailer at the inland border checkpoint located on I-35 between San Antonio and Laredo. Agents were alerted to the possibility of drugs by a K-9 assigned to the checkpoint.


Chris Kyle Awarded Texas Legislative Medal of Honor

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed House Concurrent Resolution 85 authorizing the posthumous award of the Texas Legislative Medal of Honor to “American Sniper” hero, U.S. Navy Chief Petty Officer Chris Kyle. The murdered former Navy Seal was a Texas native who served four tours of duty in Iraq and has been recognized as the “most lethal” sniper in U.S. military history.

AP Photo/Dave Martin

SCOTUS Agrees, Texas Can Bar Confederate Flag License Plates

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the State of Texas was within its rights to reject an application for a vehicle specialty license plate depicting the Confederate Battle Flag. The 5-4 decision by the nation’s highest court was announced Thursday morning.

Official Texas Bullion gold coin

Abbott Brings $1 Billion in Gold Reserves Back to Texas

Governor Greg Abbott signed House Bill 483 into law last Friday, allowing the State to set up a gold depository and bring its $1 billion in gold bullion back to Texas. The gold, which is part of the University of Texas’ endowment fund, is currently stored in a vault located in the basement of HSBC in New York City.

NOAA Flood Watches and Warnings TS Bill - Wednesday

Tropical Depression Bill Continues to Pull Heavy Rains into East Texas

HOUSTON, Texas — Tropical Storm Bill entered South Texas with 60 mph winds and heavy rains on Tuesday morning. The storm has since been downgraded back to a tropical depression and continues marching northwards through Texas towards Oklahoma bring more flooding to residents along its pathway.

Severe Weather

Houston Could Face Sharp Financial Downfall After Texas Supreme Court Reverses ‘Rain Tax’ Decision

HOUSTON, Texas – The Texas Supreme Court has sent the lawsuit surrounding Houston’s infamous “Rain Tax” back to district court. The move by the State’s highest civil court reverses a Court of Appeals decision. How the decision would impact the City’s collection of the drainage fees will be determined after the lower court takes another look at the case.

Zombie Assault Vehicle 1

DALLAS POLICE SHOOTING: ‘Zombie Apocalypse Assault Vehicle and Troop Transport’

Dallas police have disabled the armored van used in the shooting and pipe bomb incident at the Dallas Police Headquarters early Saturday morning. What is believed to be the vehicle used in this assault was described as a “Zombie Apocalypse Assault Vehicle and Troop Transport.” Police disabled the vehicle with a .50 caliber rifle shot to the engine block.

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