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Bob Price

Bob Price

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Dead Fish

Thousands of Dead Fish Hit Texas Beach

The shocking discovery of thousands of dead fish washing up on a Texas beach south of Houston has local officials and fishermen expressing concern. The cause of the mysterious fish death is not known at this time.

George P. Bush, Ivy Taylor

Texas Moves to Restore Honor to Alamo Grounds

The Texas General Land Office (GLO) moves to restore honor to the area surrounding the grounds of the Alamo. Contracts are now in place for the state of Texas to purchase three buildings located directly across the street from Texas’ most sacred shrine.

Photograph of Brian Terry carrying a BORTAC agent during training. Photo Courtesy Brian Terry Foundation.

Justice Has Been Slow for Family of Slain Border Patrol Agent

The trial of the two men accused of murdering U.S. Border Patrol Brian Terry has been a long time coming. During the nearly five years since his murder, Terry’s family has been forced to endure unimaginable frustration, pain and other indignities from the federal government he swore an oath to serve and protect.


Report: Texas High School Football Coach Admits He Ordered Hit on Referee

A San Antonio, Texas, high school assistant football coach allegedly admitted that he ordered his players to hit a referee during a game earlier this month. He reportedly said the order came as an angry response to allegations the game official used racist language directed towards his players during the game.


New Details Emerge from Texas Family Massacre

Details about a Texas family massacre that left six children and two adults dead emerged after court records were released. Valerie Jackson, her husband and six children were killed, allegedly by David Conley, on August 8th.

Pajama Party

No Adult Pajama Party After All for Texas Boys & Girls Club

A flyer that circulated this week in Odessa, Texas, promoting an adult clothing-optional pajama party at a local Boys and Girls Club was originally claimed to be a mistake or a hoax. It was later revealed to be a miscommunication between the club and the event organizer.

Football Ref Struck

Another Texas Football Ref Struck by High School Player

For the second time in as many weeks, Texas high school football fans watched a football referee struck by a player. This second incident of violence took place in the same city as last week’s shocking assault of a game official by two players.

Central Texas Drug Coridor

Cartel Smugglers Hitting the Toll Road in Central Texas Drug Corridor

It appears cartel drug traffickers have created a new central Texas drug corridor along the high-speed Texas State Highway 130 (SH130). The new toll road bypasses the congested area along 1-35 that runs through San Antonio to Austin corridor where police drug interdiction teams frequently work. Higher driving speeds and a lower law enforcement presence have made the highway an attractive route for smugglers coming out of South Texas.

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