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You, too, can be Breitbart. Ask my wife.

When it came to classroom politics, Andrew believed in being "petty"--meaning there was no struggle too small. Education was the foundation of everything--and students the most vulnerable victims of the Democrat-media complex. He would champion the cause of anyone standing up to campus anti-conservative tyranny.

One thing conservatives should remember is that while it's sometimes daunting to stand up to liberal academic orthodoxy, it's not impossible. My wife recently challenged a decision by the administration at her Ph.D. program to show Gasland, the anti-fracking film. Why not show the other side, Fracknation, as well? 

And they did, turning a one-evening film event into a two-evening exploration of all sides of the issue. A small victory--not just for the conservative cause, but for education itself--who really benefits from just studying one side of anything? It takes courage to "be Breitbart," but it's always worth trying. You might just win.


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