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Bayefsky Reveals the Madness of the UN Human Rights Council, in Tweets

On Monday morning, Anne Bayefsky was one of the few voices to oppose the anti-Israel madness of the execrable Richard Falk, the 9/11 Truther who is a Special Rapporteur at the UN Human Rights Council. The Human Rights Council, incidentally, is something the U.S. government chose to ignore until President Barack Obama decided to give it legitimacy--a policy both Susan Rice and Samantha Power fully support. 

Bayefsky live-tweeted the event, and her comments are both darkly amusing and revealing about the extent to which the Human Rights Council has become a forum for brutal dictators to taunt Jews--while we watch:

Here is Bayefsky's stirring address to the Council, calling out Falk for the ongoing scandal that he is.


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