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Today Show Hosts Struggle to Think of Examples of American Exceptionalism

This morning I was watching the Today Show and caught a segment on why Europeans are better at life than Americans.  Examples they gave were cheese and vacation time.  Then they struggled to think of something Americans could do better than Europeans.  The discussion was accompanied by a chryon that read "American Exceptionalism."  Someone, I think Matt Lauer, suggested binge TV watching.  Another sarcastically said fast food.  Al Roker said we actually have some pretty good cheese.  Savannah Guthrie then sarcastically said, "Like Velveeta?"  Al tried to insist that Americans did have good cheese, but it fell on deaf ears.

To help out the Today Show hosts, here are some examples of American exceptionalism from some friends on Twitter:

Revolutionary Wars - @coolhandschlute

Aircraft carriers, Stealth Bombers, Electra 225s - @MangyLover

Liberty. Bourbon. Ribs. You know, the important stuff. - @KenAtwater

Freedom - @YR_AlyssaDC

How about winning wars in Europe? Going to the moon? Making fun of Europeans on Twitter? - @NathanWurtzel


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