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Bat Ye'or: 'The Universal Caliphate Stands Before Us'

Bat Ye’or’s 2005 Eurabia: the Euro-Arab Axis portrayed Western Europe’s recrudescent dhimmitude, chronicled in real time, by our most informed contemporary scholar of the dhimmi condition. Living as an eyewitness in Geneva–a major European center, with its United Nations, NGOs

Avian-Brained Abe Foxman on the 'Cloacal' Sharia

Avian Cloaca: Bousquet’s Sharia Metaphor Foxman: Avian-Brained on Sharia Abraham Foxman’s latest uninformed rant, “Shout down the Sharia myth makers,” re-affirms his nonpareil status as the most blindly agenda-driven and distressingly stupid organizational Jewish “leader.” The Anti-Defamation League (ADL)’s Foxman

Bernard Lewis: Pied Piper Of Islamic Confusion

Bernard Lewis: What Went Wrong? This summer’s Claremont Review of Books contains a featured review essay by Robert R. Reillyi which discusses Bernard Lewis’s essay collection “Faith and Power,” ii and the nonagenarian historian’s reflections upon the so-called Arab Spring

Military Islamo-Insanity In Britain: The RAF Ayatollah

Dr Hayward (left), the Muslim convert “RAF Ayatollah” at an Armed Forces Muslim Association event last year with a more authentic Ayatollah to the right. An apparently rare breed of British military officer with the appropriate patriotic moral clarity and

Fjordman, Fairness, And The Brevik Mass Murderer

Today my colleague, the perspicacious Norwegian essayist Fjordman (whose prolific writings can be read here), was compelled to surrender his anonymity after reluctantly granting an interview to Verdans Gang (published in English, here). An hysterical, morally cretinous press and blogosphere–Norwegian,

Australia: Sharia-Sanctioned Polygamy and Child Marriage

Despite an overall apologetic tone borne of transparent obeisance to cultural relativism, two legal academics, Dr Ann Black and Dr Kerrie Sadiq from The University of Queensland TC Beirne School of Law are “suggesting” in their research publication, “Good &

Reading A Death Sentence For Apostasy in Iran

“I refuse to belong to a religion that will not not have me as a member” –brave Muslim “apostate,” Ibn Warraq (with apologies to Groucho Marx) Two Iranian Supreme Court justices have denied an appeal of Youcef Nadarkhani’s December 5,

Mere 73% of Palestinians Want Jews Annihilated

From a Hamas poster glorifying the martyr who drowns the Zionists in blood (used as part of the cover art for Raphael Israeli’s seminal “Islamikaze Data have just been released from a survey completed this week which confirm the implacable,

Michael Totten And the Muslim Brotherhood

Zabibah-Master meets master of clueless Middle East reportage He’s baaack–this time from a trip to Egypt, where itinerant reporter Michael Totten, in his own inimitably vacuous assessment, was “hanging with the Muslim Brotherhood.” Totten is the classic uninformed roving Middle

Whittaker Chambers, Communism, And Islam

Whittaker Chambers (April 1, 1901-July 9, 1961) Freedom is a need of the soul, and nothing else. It is in striving toward God that the soul strives continually after a condition of freedom. God alone is the inciter and guarantor

Erdogan: Imprisoning Turkish Generals–and Ending Secularism

Turkey continues its regression to full re-Islamization–a process already begun within a decade of Ataturk’s death in 1938–and about to be fully realized under the fundamentalist Erdogan regime. Shredding the Turkish Constitution, which institutionalized Turkey’s harshly imposed secularism by assigning

Ramping Up To Another Jihad Genocide in The Sudan?

Churchill understood the jihad depredations of Sudan’s Arab Muslims There is a refreshingly honest–and alarming–piece by Alan Boswell writing for Time on the accumulating evidence that yet another jihad genocide may be under way in The Sudan–Arab Muslim mass murderers

Debating Islam Last Night: Cain and Gingrich Able, But Not Romney

Previously, I have compared and contrasted Newt Gingrich’s lucid understanding of the threat posed by Sharia supremacism, versus Mitt Romney’s muddled apologetic on jihad. Last evening’s (6/13/11) New Hampshire Republican primary candidates debate included a brief, but illuminating three-way exchange

A Humble Challenge To Bill O'Reilly

Bill O’Reilly, to his considerable credit, does not shy away from the appropriate use and discussion of the word jihad–for example, in this posting from July, 2007 entitled, “Avoiding the Jihad“. Indeed, this author had a frank if somewhat brief

81% of US Mosques Promote Jihad

The Islamic Center of Toledo Mosque and Minarets Mosques as Barracks in America Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan represents the triumphant Janus-faced approach to the fundamentalist global “Islamic revival.” He and his pious forbears have now completed dismantling Turkey’s secular experiment,

Sociologist Sued For Exposing Islamic Jew-Hatred In Belgium

Prof. Mark Elchardus has displayed rarely seen European intellectual honesty and moral courage regarding Islamic Jew-hatred in his native Belgium According to Ahlul Bayt New Agency, The Vigilance Musulmane (Muslim Vigilance) advocacy group filed a complaint with the Centre for

First Amendment Trumps Sharia in Dearborn

Robert Muise, Senior Counsel for the Thomas More Law Center: Teaching us how to solve the problem of Sharia A seminal, if ominous report released May 17, 2011 by the Center for Security Policy described fifty appellate court cases from

"Taliban is Afghanistan. Afghanistan is Taliban."

Raped by Afghan Muslim Reality. Canadian journalist Melissa Fung has written what is described in the Vancouver Sun as a “chilling memoir” of her experiences in Afghan captivity for 28 days–stabbed, confined in a dark prison hole, and raped, while

Bin Laden's Burial and Our Dhimmitude

Surprised the USS Carl-Vinson didn’t just turn itself into Bin Laden’s floating funeral pyre… A “senior defense (is that term “defense” even appropriate?) department official” describes the Muslim religious rites administered for Osama bin Laden (isn’t that grotesquely hypocritical if

Ann Barnhardt Fights Totalitarian Islam and Its Useful Idiots

Ann Barnhardt: Fearless, Peerless Warrior Against the Cultural Jihad Once again a mere flicker–in this case burning a copy of the Koran in Florida–has ignited the inferno of deeply seated infidel-hatred that pervades the contemporary Muslim world, precipitating violence, death,

Bill O'Reilly, The 'Rape Factor', And Islam

Educable? At least by her? Last night for a few brief shining television moments (captured here [3]), Wafa Sultan, courageous author of the indispensable jeremiad “A God Who Hates [4],” strove gamely to educate Bill O’Reilly–often seemingly impenetrable [5] by