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Circuit Courts Strike Blows Against Religious Liberty

This week, various appeals courts across the country ruled on whether religious institutions should be exempted from the Obamacare contraception mandate. The court decisions make it all but inevitable that the Supreme Court will be forced in the next few months to consider whether religious institutions must cover contraception in violation of their religious freedom.


The Hillary Clinton Administration

We are just over a month into the Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign, and she has already reached Peak Hillary: corruption, obfuscation, and stonewalling.

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George Stephanopoulos’ Long History with Clinton Foundation

After admitting that he gave some $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation, George Stephanopoulos, the “objective” news anchor from ABC News, apologized on-air for failing to disclose the donations on Friday, even as he interviewed author Peter Schweizer about Clinton Foundation fundraising improprieties.

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8 Questions The Media Should Ask Hillary…But Won’t

Thus far in her campaign, she has answered a grand total of 13 questions. These ranged from the blasé (“How do you win this time?”) to the mockable (“How are you liking Iowa?”), from the stupid (“Is it good to be back out here again?”) to the even more stupid (“What do you think the importance of the Iowa caucus will be in the upcoming election?”).

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Why Americans Are Abandoning Religion

On Tuesday, Pew Research released a new study finding a radical increase in the number of religiously unaffiliated Americans. That increase correlated strongly with the decrease in the number of Catholics, mainline Protestants, and evangelical Protestants over the past seven years.


Media Slam ‘Draw Muhammad’ Event

These same media members decrying the horrors of Muhammad cartoons–completely ignoring that the point of drawing Muhammad cartoons is to mock those who kill those who draw Muhammad cartoons–were perfectly happy to use the power of government to target every business owner who refuses to service a same-sex wedding.

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7 Worst Media Reactions to the Baltimore Riots

The media make money off race riots. They gin them up; they promote them; then they react to them. Media reactions to the riots in Baltimore over the death of Freddie Gray have ranged from the egregious to the ridiculous.


SCOTUS Prepares to Destroy Traditional Marriage Statutes

On Tuesday, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges, more commonly known as the same-sex marriage case. The Supreme Court will be deciding whether the 14th Amendment, ratified in 1868 at a time when every single state in America criminalized sodomy, mandates same-sex marriage in every single state in America.

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Baltimore Riots Explode Leftist Race Myths

As rioters rushed through the streets of Baltimore, torching police vehicles, looting local stores, and attacking police officers and reporters alike, some intrepid leftists justified the activity.

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Clinton Cash: Hillary’s Spin Machine Can’t Shrug Off Uranium Scandal

Hillary Clinton and her team seem to expect that the media world will resonate to them the same way they did in the 1990s. Matt Drudge changed the coverage of the Clintons by destroying the cozy relationship between the mainstream media, who wanted to kill the Lewinsky story, and the reader; now media are punished for failures to report. Should the media downplay this scandal, the American people will chalk it up to media bias, rather than the notion that there is no scandal to investigate.

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