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Swiss Tell EU: Hands Off Veterans’ Assault Rifles

(REUTERS) – Friction between Switzerland and the European Union over the bloc’s plans to tighten gun control following a rise in militant attacks could turn into another serious snag in ties already tested by Swiss efforts to curb immigration. The

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May Gathers Ministers To Hear Views On Brexit

LONDON (Reuters) – After a summer of political earthquakes followed by a few weeks of holiday calm, Prime Minister Theresa May will meet members of her government on Wednesday to discuss how Britain is to leave the European Union. It


France To Create New Muslim Body To Improve Relations

(AFP) – France’s government sought Monday to open a new chapter in relations with the country’s Muslims following a summer scarred by jihadist attacks and a ban on burkinis that ratcheted up communal tensions. Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve met with


TTIP Collapse: France Calls For End To Talks

(AFP) – France will ask the European Commission to halt negotiations on a massive trade deal between the European Union and the United States, the country’s junior minister for trade said Tuesday. “There is no more political support in France


Polish Foreign Minister: EU Exacerbated Migrant Crisis

BERLIN (Reuters) – Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski on Monday criticised the European Commission’s handling of last year’s migrant crisis, saying that Brussels had exacerbated the problems rather than offering real solutions. The EU took “hasty, irresponsible and not-fully thought


Explosion At Brussels Crime Lab

BRUSSELS, Aug 29 (Reuters) – Arsonists set fire to Belgium’s National Institute of Criminology in Brussels on Monday, causing an explosion but no casualties, a Brussels prosecutor said.


Merkel: EU Nations Must Not Refuse Muslim Migrants

(AFP) – The refusal of some EU countries to accept Muslim refugees is “unacceptable”, Chancellor Angela Merkel said Sunday as Germany called for quotas to divide the influx throughout the bloc. “That’s not right at all that some countries say: