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Belfast Leaders Strike Deal To Save Power-Sharing

Northern Ireland leaders say they have reached an agreement to sustain their troubled Catholic-Protestant government. After negotiating around the clock the parties agreed a package of measures including an extra £2bn from the government. Irish Catholic and British Protestant politicians have spent the
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Veteran Tory MEP Philip Bradbourn Dies

The Conservative Party have announced the death of long serving MEP Philip Bradbourn from cancer. The 63 year old, who was first elected to the European Parliament in 1999, was diagnosed with bowel cancer in May, shortly after being reelected,

Church of England Announces First Female Bishop

(Inform) Reverend Libby Lane has been announced as the first female bishop for the Church of England. She will become the new Bishop of Stockport, filling a post that has been vacant since May, and marking an end to years of

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