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Bob Goodlatte

Goodlatte: Fifth Circuit’s Ruling Affirming Exec. Amnesty Injunction ‘Victory For The Constitution’

Goodlatte was one of many Republican lawmakers who praised the Tuesday ruling.

“By acting unilaterally to rewrite our nation’s immigration laws, President Obama has disregarded the will of the American people and violated the Constitution. Such lawlessness must be stopped so that we preserve the separation of powers in the Constitution and protect individual liberty,” Goodlatte says.

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Gallup: Social Liberalism On The Rise

A left turn? The percentage of American who say they are socially liberal is equal to the percentage who identify as socially conservative for the first time since Gallup began asking Americans to describe their social views in 1999.


Sen. Sessions Myth-Busts Obama Trade Effort

With the Senate poised to vote to end debate on Obama’s fast-track trade legislation, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) is continuing his assault on the effort. Wednesday, Sessions took on arguments for the trade deal with a series of what he office says

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