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Apple Sweatshop in China

Apple Blamed for Slave Labor, Again

Apple Inc. has triumphed with a decidedly left wing political agenda. CEO Tim Cook’s 2012 election support got him a seat next to Michelle Obama for President Obama’s 2013 State of the Union address. After Apple dethroned Coca Cola to
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American Workers Are Big Losers in Cuba Thaw

Barack Obama tried to sound presidential in his remarks regarding the United States normalizing relations with Cuba. But the real impact to most Americans will be a whole new wave of outsourcing of U.S. jobs to another communist “worker’s paradise.”
eBay May Dump 3,000 Jobs in PayPal Spin-off

eBay May Dump 3,000 Jobs in PayPal Spin-off

Reports that eBay may lay off three thousand employees in preparation for its spin-off of PayPal should come as no surprise. For the last two years, the hot tech stock market eBay’s has gone went sideways. Despite its PayPal subsidiary

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