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Taking a Stand Against SAG Extortion

Today I had the pleasure of doing something I have wanted to do for the past twenty years: I walked out of a SAG (Screen Actors Guild) arbitration. For those you who are unaware of the method in which disputes

Biggest Surprise of the Year: 'Waiting for Superman'

Last Saturday night I was sifting through my Academy Screeners and nothing much caught my eye. I had already watched, “The Social Network,” “The Fighter,” “127 Hours,” “True Grit,” and “Black Swan,” as well as a myriad of movies that

Runaway Production: Why I'm Filming in Bangkok

I am sitting in my hotel room in Bangkok on a Sunday afternoon; taking a break from prepping a film that will star Djimon Hounsou and be directed by the Steven Spielberg of Thailand, Prachya Pinkaew. Prachya is famous for

What a Difference a Year Makes

It is pretty much the end of 2009. It is also the end of the first decade of the Millennium. Hard to believe that we’ve gone through ten years since the Y2K scare. Also, hard to believe we had three

SAG Undercuts Employment Opportunities For Actors

As we all know, the American economy is currently battling double digit unemployment. The current unemployment rate is 10% and most major economists believe it will go higher. The Screen Actor’s Guild which has over 100,000 members would love to

Stopping ObamaCare: Who Has The Courage?

Last Saturday night, in what was mostly a procedural vote, the Senate approved moving forward with debate on the health-care reform bill. The vote was 60-39, the barest minimum necessary for debate to start in the Chamber. To listen to

Another 9/11 Travesty

A little more than eight years ago, a group of Muslim terrorists attacked Americans on American soil. In the end, more than 3,000 innocent civilians were dead. The attack on that day was just that: an attack. A well planned

So Goes California, So Goes the Nation?

I have been a California resident for the past 23 years. During that time, I have seen the best of times and worst of times. Prior to this economic disaster, the only serious recession in those 23 years was in

Hopefully ObamaCare Will 'Die Quickly'

Representative Joe Wilson shouts in the House Chamber to President Obama during a speech on Health Care Reform, “You lie,” and is forced to apologize to the President directly and compelled to apologize in the House where the incident occurred.

Is Obama the Next Woodrow Wilson?

At the end of last week, I was watching President Obama’s speech before the United Nations. I must admit it was given with eloquence and was quite moving. However, for the most part it was rhetoric and the dreams of

Ideology of a Liberal

Since the health care debate has wound down a little as a result of President Obama’s speech on Wednesday which, by the way, was pure rhetoric and seen by the general public and pundits as a failure because of its

D-Day for Health Care Reform?

Congress is back in session after its hot and grueling August recess. More than a few of its members were drilled incessantly by citizens upset about the pending passage of HR 3200 and/or its progeny. Today President Obama will address

Why Can't Conservatives Sign On to ObamaCare?

It is now the dog days of summer and Congress is about to go back to work. The Groundswell by the Democrats during the month of August was a complete failure. President Obama’s approval numbers are on a steady downward

Big Government, Big Mistake

The biggest success of the “Spending Bill,” oops, “Stimulus Bill,” is ending. Yup, that is right; “Cash for Clunkers” is gone. Why? Because it was such a big success, the government ran out of money for the program not once,

Health Reform and the Tenth Amendment

HR 3200, the so-called health reform bill, in my opinion, is one of the worst pieces of legislation ever to be considered by Congress. It, not only, would lead us down the path of socialism but, in the process, would

The Anti-Obama Groundswell Begins?

It has been almost two weeks since I have had a chance to write and a lot of things have happened in that time. Most of them evolve around the health care mess that may be the beginning of Obama’s

Obama's Six-Month Report Card

It has been six months since the Administration took office and the far left have taken complete control of the government. Has our capitalist past been improved upon? Or, is the socialism we have had thrust upon us making us

Obama's Next Folly – Health Care

President, it has to happen today, Obama is up to his tricks again. In February, the stimulus bill had to be passed immediately or disaster was waiting. “Cap and Trade” had to pass immediately or another crisis would occur. Now,

'Cap and Trade': 1000+ Pages of Economic Chaos

The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, more commonly known as the Cap and Trade Bill, is dangerous for the country and potentially disastrous for the economy. I cannot say this more simply. This bill which is designed

The End of Reverse Discrimination?

Reverse Discrimination, according to Wikipedia, is defined as, “the practice of favoring members of a historically disadvantaged group at the expense of members of a historically advantaged group.” Since the 1964 Civil Rights Act when the phrase came into usage,

The Ideals of Independence Day

July 4, 1776. One of the greatest days in the history of the human race. For this is the day the founders of this country executed the Declaration of Independence and declared themselves free from the British Empire. It is

Is The Republican Party Lost?

Every article you read these days from the liberal media has a very clear message: the Republican Party is dead and should be buried. Conservatism is in shambles. The Democrats have the upper hand and the correct solution for the

Will Obama Abandon Israel?

President Obama has left the United States for a foreign trip that includes Saudi Arabia, Egypt, France and Germany. Unfortunately, a stop in Israel is not included. Why? With increasing rhetoric, Mr. Obama and his administration seem to be leaving