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Steve Jobs, Capitalist, R.I.P.

Steve Jobs personified capitalism and free markets in as pure and beautiful a way as the world has seen in the modern generation of industrial giants. His pursuit of excellence — his passion to make Apple the best and most

Countering Al Gore's 24 Hours of Climate Panic

Al Gore is using his considerable media muscle to express his frustration that people and governments the world over – but especially here in the United States – have increasingly rejected the notion humans are destroying the planet. He’s broadcasting

In Case You Missed It: Republican Debate in Iowa

If you missed the debate among the Republican candidates for president in Ames, Iowa two days before today’s straw poll in the Hawkeye state, here you go. I had trouble finding the whole thing on Fox News’ home page. So,

Court to FCC: There are Limits to Your Power

A federal appeals court — second only to the U.S. Supreme Court in its legal influence — looks to have put a stop to the desire of the Federal Communications Commission to exert its control over the Internet via the