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John Hayward

John Hayward

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Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Skips NATO Meeting, Will Visit Moscow in April

Reuters reported on Tuesday, based on information from “four current and former U.S. officials,” that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson plans to skip a meeting with NATO foreign ministers on April 5th and 6th so he can remain in Washington for the scheduled visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping. Tillerson will then visit Russia later in April, according to the itinerary described by these sources.

Poll: Nearly Half of Canadians Want Illegal Aliens Deported to America

A Reuters/Ipsos poll finds nearly half of respondents eager to deport illegal aliens, expressing fears that border violators compromise public safety and giving their government a big thumbs-down on how it handles immigration. The punch line is that it is a poll of Canada, and the illegal aliens are hopping across the border with the United States.