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U.S. Ambassador Counters Turkish Mayor ‘Stupid Blonde’ Insult at Marie Harf By Coloring His Hair

Last week, the mayor of Ankara – evidently inspired by Turkish media editorials, and soon joined by a large number of online supporters – referred to State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf as a “stupid blonde.” The insult was part of a sour-grapes taunt at the State Department for daring to criticize heavy-handed Turkish police tactics, without also denouncing the curfew imposed during recent riots in Baltimore.

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Pakistan Accidentally Sends Beef to Hindu Survivors of Nepal Quake

The Times of India relates an awkward mistake in Pakistan’s much-needed, and generally much-appreciated, relief assistance to survivors of the earthquake in Nepal: “According to media reports, the food items in relief aid sent by Pakistan to Nepal included beef content (beef masala) in the food packets. Eating beef is prohibited in Hindu religion. Nepal is a majority-Hindu nation.”

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Why Is Polygamy Bad?

Imagine of the level of coordinated social energy poured into marginalizing opponents of gay marriage could be diverted into encouraging marriage and fidelity! Obviously we all agree that social pressures are very powerful, and not inherently wrong – we just disagree on how they should be directed.


ISIS Orders Male Population Of Mosul To Grow Beards

According to the World Tribune, the latest demand inflicted upon the captive population of Mosul by their ISIS overlords is a ban against shaving male beards. The terror state has decreed that beards are mandatory under sharia law.

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Obama’s Latest Non-Recovery Chokes Out

We’ve been hearing this ridiculous garbage about cold winters freezing the engines of the mighty Obama growth engine every year for the past six years. The hard, cold truth is that we’ve never had sustained growth under this President’s policies that could do anything more than slow the bleeding in the American workforce. Everything he does, from ObamaCare to his amnesty orders for illegal aliens, is a job-killer. It’s a tribute to the underlying strength of the American economy that we’re not in even worse shape.

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Saudis Jail Kenyan Man for Chatting with Woman on Phone

20-year-old Juma Laki is a Kenyan who traveled to Saudi Arabia in 2013, looking for work. He just learned the hard way that chatting with a woman and keeping her photo on his smartphone is an “apparent contravention of the Sunni kingdom’s puritanical laws,” as Kenya’s Standard Digital puts it. After a friend sold him out to the Saudi “special police,” Laki found himself in jail.


Kurdish Commanders Praise Canadian Special Forces Fighting ISIS

“It is clear from talking with front line Kurdish Peshmerga that Canadian special forces have done more on the ground in the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant than their coalition partners, including the U.S., and are going to play a critical part in the coming action to expel these fanatical hardliners from Mosul,” writes the Canadian National Post.

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No, Riots Are Not ‘Free Speech’ Or A ‘Legitimate Political Strategy’

When you hear a liberal praising a gang of thugs who burned down a church as “resisters,” remember they don’t mean resistance against the Democrat municipal machine that has held power for generations, the Democrat congressional representatives who have been parked in safe seats longer than most of the rioters have been alive, or the Democrat President who has held unprecedented, unconstitutional power for six years.


Finance Minister Varoufakis Pulled Back from Greek Debt Negotiations

Bloomberg Business understandably sees all sorts of signals in Greece’s decision to pull Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis back from bailout negotiations, a move it describes as “clipping Varoufakis’ wings” and “reining him in” after three months of debt talks failed to produce an agreement.


Iranian Media Insist Captured Cargo Ship Is American

Iran’s state-run media and sister organizations in allied nations like Russia are reporting the capture of the cargo vessel Maersk Tigris somewhat differently from how the Obama administration has been portraying the incident. The administration described it as flying the Marshall Islands’ flag, not American flags, with no American citizens on board. Iranian media, by contrast, have insisted on referring to the Maersk Tigris as an American ship.

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CNN Offers Sneak Peek at Hillary Clinton’s Emails Ahead of Hearings

On Monday morning, CNN posted what it described as an advanced look “Inside Clinton’s Benghazi Emails,” a body of correspondence that will soon be reviewed by Rep. Trey Gowdy and his House Select Committee on Benghazi. The CNN article is based on “several government officials” who anonymously characterized the emails.

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The Science Is Settled: Welfare Discourages Work

The practical and spiritual benefits of work and independence are undervalued in America today. It is better for the economy, and for the heart and soul of the individual, to work for $8 an hour than to be paid $12 an hour by the government to do nothing.

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